Quick Tips on How to Avoid Burning Your Nicotine Salts

Have you experienced a burnt taste from your nicotine salts and wondered where that came from? Vaping is meant to be a pleasant satisfying experience. However, when you whip out your pod system and take a hit only to feel a burnt taste that can even induce coughing, then the first thing you need to do is top vaping immediately and find out why your vaping equipment has failed you in this way. Pinpointing the reason why you are getting a burnt taste will help you figure out how to solve this issue and discover the best ways to avoid burning your salts. Here are several factors that could be to blame for the burnt taste of your salt e-liquid, and how to avoid them.

Stop Chain Vaping

If you chain vape, then this could cause your coil to burn which in turn delivers this burnt taste to your nicotine salts. This is because chain vaping, which is taking several hits without taking pauses, is taxing on your vaping device and hence, can cause a burnt taste, it is easy to chain vape but you should avoid as it prevents the absorption of more salt e-liquid after puffs making the coil dry out and hence, burn. Once you realize that you have been chain vaping then incorporate techniques to take breaks each time you take a puff. For example, you can take a 30 second breather in between puffs to avoid overheating your coil.

Prime Your Coils

If you taste burnt nicotine salts after just one or two puffs then the reason could be because you have not primed the coil before use. Priming the coil makes it ready to heat your salt e-liquid properly and therefore soak it with salt e-liquid for a while instead of directly heating it up without letting it collect the e-liquid as a primer first.

Buying Cheap E-Juices

Compromising on salt e-liquid is one of the main causes of health risks and burnt tastes among other issues. Cheap low-quality nicotine salts will take the pleasure of vaping away from you because they have artificial sweeteners and low-quality ingredients. This unpleasant combination is notorious for creating a layer of gunk on the coil which causes a burnt taste since the salt e-liquid cannot be well absorbed and saturated into the wick of your coil. Therefore, stick to quality e-juices such as swagg sauce nicotine salt.

Avoid Low Juice Levels

When your tank is running low on e-liquid, you might be tempted to extract it all before refilling. However, this prevents saturation of the wick with the nicotine salts which makes it dry and hence causes the coil to overheat and give off that burnt taste.


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