Recent Innovations in the World of Cars

Interestingly enough, the car market is not actually known to be among the most dynamic niches when it comes to innovations. If you think about it, the last couple of decades have seen very few major changes to the design of the cars, most of which have to do with aesthetics, rather than anything else.

That being said, there are still some technologies that have flown under the radar. If you are not keeping close track of the industry, you may have missed them entirely. That is why we asked Instacar Transport to share their observations of the most interesting innovations they have noticed on cars recently. So let’s start!

The One For All The Parents

Having kids in the car is not always the easiest thing. You have to pay attention to the road and still somehow manage to keep an eye out for the little ones as well. Luckily, Honda was aware of the problem and decided to do something about that.

In their new Odyssey van, they have a camera, which can show you everything that happens on the backseat directly on the multimedia monitor within the dashboard. Nice, right? While you obviously cannot do much with just the knowledge, at least you would not be risking losing your attention on either the road or your kids.

Safety That Matters

Your car may look amazing, but if it cannot protect you and keep your family safe, what good is it? Volvo, being one of the pioneers in the safety department, continue to focus on their work to develop the safest car possible. The 3-point seatbelt is actually their invention – but they have something new as well!

Their active suspension on certain models can be much more useful than you may initially think. While it definitely works to give you a more comfortable ride, it can also protect you if a collision is about to happen. How? By raising the side of the car!

If you are about to be hit sideways (there are sensors for that), the active suspension shoots that side of the car as high as possible. That would prevent the other vehicle from crashing through the door, and would instead hit the much more robust chassis of your car. This is one of the technologies that can definitely save lives.

No More Parking Dread

The last innovation we will focus on today has less to do with safety, and more to do with overall convenience. It is also one of the things that reduce the need for parking skills, which many people lack nowadays anyway. Due to the latter, a lot of folks are actually afraid of parking (parallel or otherwise). Well, now they have proper parking assistant.

With a variety of sensors and cameras, many modern vehicles can actually park the car for you, or at least give you a generous assistance. Furthermore, many of the more expensive models come with back wheels that can actually be steered for better maneuverability in tight spaces.

All these innovations mean that we are finally starting to see some creativity in the world of cars, and perhaps we are up for a new golden age of car manufacturing!


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