Restaurant Design: How to Create a Themed Restaurant Without It Being Tacky

If you are planning to open your own restaurant, now is the time to get your creative juices flowing to come up with a theme that is classy, rather than tacky. Here are some tips that you should take on board when in the design stages, helping you create an establishment that is reputable and professional..

Furnishing and Décor

When thinking of a theme, you should envisage how your restaurant will look. From the type of furniture you pick to the color of the walls, no stone should be left unturned. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you may benefit from checking out restaurant interior design Bangkok such as Soho Hospitality who are experts when it comes to design and development.

Know Your Own Bias

In many instances, those who are opening their own restaurant tend to jump in at the deep end without seeing the bigger picture. While you may have a concept that you think works perfectly, there is the chance that consumers won’t buy into your brand. A great way to avoid bias is by putting together a focus group where you can get thoughts and opinions from others which will help you piece together whether your theme is right for where the restaurant will be placed.

Determine Your Audience

Another factor that you need to consider is who your target audience will be. Figuring out who you are trying to appeal to is essential when it comes to running a successful restaurant. For example, if you choose a steak and beer themed joint, the restaurant will not be suitable for kids. What works for one group of customers may not work for others, so identifying your target demographic can help you determine things such as seating capacity, menu items and the design and décor of the place.

Research Your Competitors

If you are opening a restaurant in a busy city or town, you should examine who frequents other restaurants around your establishment. That way, you can work out what days and nights are most popular, what sort of themed restaurants are in close proximity as well as price ranges that can help you establish your concept. There are all sorts of questions that you should be asking yourself such as what you can do better to stand out and how your restaurant differs to competitors.

Study Food Trends

Once you have selected a theme for your restaurant, you will need to work out what type of items will be on the menu. If you want to play it safe, you could pick pizzas and burgers that are classic favorites with diners. Vegetarian and vegan options are becoming increasingly popular too, so you may want to go down this route. All in all, make sure that your theme correlates with the food you are providing. Knowing the latest food trends can make all the difference when designing your menu.

There is a fine line when it comes to classy and trashy, so you need to set your personal bias aside and pick a theme that is bound to do well in your area. Also, take time to establish your target demographic so that you can create a restaurant that is specifically tailored towards the right group.


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