Self-Healing Method

Self-healing is a process to heal yourself from inner wounds. This method is done when a person keeps emotional wounds that disturb his emotions. Self-healing is useful for solving unfinished business that results in the emotional exhaustion of a person. You probably know where to buy microdose mushrooms and get a help to heal yourself.

Most people have experienced emotional fatigue in various forms. Like sad because of the departure of parents, anxious about the future, failing to achieve something, experiencing unwanted events, angry at one’s own mistakes, and so on. Then what to do? Who should heal the wound? For those who have not yet finished with their own emotional problems, some of the ways below hopefully can help heal themselves from within.

Me time

Unresolved problems in some people are generally related to the presence of others. Me-time is useful for making everyone think about themselves first. However other people treat it, we can still choose to be happy. When someone is too busy thinking about other people, sometimes he forgets to think about himself. Making time for yourself will really make us feel more meaningful. It makes us feel that the center of all life is ourselves. Other people are just a complement to happiness.

Dialogue with Yourself

Talk to yourself about what you really want. Being honest with yourself is better than venting out all your bad feelings about something. The only person who is able to speak with the deepest heart is himself. It’s time to begin to understand yourself to be grateful for what life has provided.

Make peace with circumstances

Recalling bad events that still left an imprint on the heart is inevitable. Everyone has the right to be angry over that. People whose hearts are hurt deeply will not easily forget it. However, is it justified by blaming the situation for all the bad events? Does cursing the situation calm our minds? Not. It would be wise for us to try to make peace with the situation. Accepting every situation that befalls us as a teacher of life that forges our personalities even better


Mindfulness is thinking with full awareness. Managing thoughts, feelings, and environment to connect the dots that are in our minds. Understanding every event and event that we have experienced more healthily. Mindfulness can increase self-compassion and the meaningfulness of life. One of them is by looking for a place that if quiet, then closed my eyes. Focus on yourself and all thoughts we have. With mindfulness, try to understand every emotional struggle within yourself. This mindfulness will be better if we do it routinely. For example, one before leaving for office, campus, school, and so on

Improve self-compassion

Self-Compassion is the ability to understand one’s own emotional state and also the emotional response to the suffering experienced by the desire to help yourself. Through self-compassion, a person can understand himself. Self-compassion is able to make people interpret uncomfortable experiences with different emotions. That is, the inconvenience a person can have is interpreted positively if it increases self-compassion. Increase awareness of yourself, respond to bad events with feelings of grace, and always try to free yourself from protracted suffering.


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