Simple Procedures On How To Unlock, lock, And Convert PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Finding the best online tool to alter one’s file format is an easy task. However, there would be many options to choose from. One must consider looking for the best web-based tool to alleviate one’s tasks about file format alteration quickly.


One of the most notable file format tools available online is the GogoPDF. If your task requires you to unlock, lock, and convert a PDF file with GogoPDF, that’s an easy task. Here are the simple steps on how to unlock, lock, and convert a PDF file using GogoPDF:

How To Unlock A PDF File

Having a lot of password-protected files can bring you so much trouble. Once you forget your file’s password, it would be hard for you to decrypt it. If you have a password-protected PDF file, and it does not have any confidential information, the best thing you can do is remove that file’s password.

You can try to use the Unlock PDF Tool of the GogoPDF in unlocking your passworded file. This tool can easily decrypt your password-encrypted file using the most uncomplicated and most straightforward steps. 

To start unlocking your passworded PDF file, you first begin choosing a password-protected PDF file from your device and placing it on GogoPDF’s system. Once you are done, GogoPDF will begin to analyze and decrypt your protected file. Decrypting your PDF file will not take long, especially if you have a strong internet connection.

Once the decryption is done, you can start downloading your newly decrypted PDF file and share it with your colleagues on your webmail or social media accounts. Decrypting a password-protected file has never been this convenient. By doing a few clicks, you can now unlock your PDF file. 

How To Lock A PDF File

It would be alarming once you received a notification regarding unauthorized access to your social media and webmail account. Similarly, once other people access your confidential PDF files without your consent, you would surely be upset. One’s confidential information must never be seen by others unless deemed necessary. 

If your file’s content has massive information that is not supposed to be out to the general public, the best way to protect it is by adding a password. Using GogoPDF, you can easily lock your PDF file. One good thing about using GogoPDF is that the steps they have formulated can easily be followed even by those who are new to using computers. 

To start locking your PDF file, you must choose a PDF file from your device and place it on GogoPDF’s tool. After that, you can type your desired password. However, your password must contain alpha-numeric texts and upper and lower cases.

Once you already put the password, GogoPDF will start to analyze and encrypt a password to your PDF file. Once your file is finished, you can now begin downloading your newly passworded PDF file. GogoPDF made it easier for you. Thanks to GogoPDF, locking a PDF has been this easy. 

How To Convert A PDF File

If you have a Word file that you need to print immediately, you should first consider converting it into a PDF fIle. Your file’s format might be changed when printing a Word document. You don’t want that to happen because it could make your work less productive and costly. However, file conversion can be a tricky task if you’re not using the right tool.

GogoPDF offers to convert your Word document file into a PDF file using the quickest and most straightforward steps. To start, you must choose a file from your device and place it in GogoPDF’s File Conversion Tool. Once you are done, GogoPDF will begin analyzing and converting your file.

The process might take a minute or less, depending on your file’s size and your internet connection. After the file conversion is done, you can start downloading your newly converted file. Surely, GogoPDF has the fastest way of converting your file. 

You can also convert other file formats such as Excel, JPG, PPT, and many more into PDF files. Also, you can convert your PDF file into editable file formats using the same steps and procedures. File format conversion has never been this doable. Thanks to GogoPDF for making it happen! 


GogoPDF has the best tool for altering your file formats. With GogoPDF, you do not need to undergo tedious processes in locking, unlocking, and converting your PDF file. GogoPDF also has other tools available on its website. Check it now! 


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