Tekmetric Auto Shop Software Is Awesome

Tekmetric auto shop software makes running an auto shop as simple as possible. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Not only does it make life easier for managers, but it improves the customer experience dramatically.

Excellent for auto shop owners

With Tekmetric, owners can keep track of what is going on in their shop from anywhere there is an Internet connection, and there is no need to constantly do backups or upgrade servers, so if you have multiple shops to take care of, then no problem. Tekmetric allows the user to check inventory, set up appointments, create estimates and much more from wherever they are. With Tekmetric, user data is extremely secure, and sophisticated encryption is used.

Tire maintenance is no longer a hassle with Tekmetric because variables such as taxes and tire disposal fees are integrated into the software. In general, Tekmetric is highly customizable auto shop software whether the user is setting rates, labor fees or something else. It also has a built-in parts matrix that helps with estimates and inventory.

Tekmetric integrates with CARFAX for auto history reports, PartsTech to order parts and other databases; essentially, it puts owners in touch with up-to-the-minute industry information. Furthermore, the Tekmetric team works with owners to set up the system and are happy to do migration of any earlier information.

When it comes to the bottom line, Tekmetric estimates job profitability in real time with costs for labor, parts, and other variables built in. Essentially, this a powerful work-management tool.

Excellent for customers

Quite simply, Tekmetric auto shop software improves the customer experience. It can be used to create useful profiles so that the customers knows exactly where they are with the history of their vehicle’s maintenance, and text messages or emails can be sent out to keep them in updated at every stage of a job. For customers who need the same services over and over, the system creates canned jobs.

If a customer is wondering what work needs to be done on their vehicle, Tekmetric is equipped with a built-in digital inspection feature that can be used with uploaded photos. For customers who want hard copies of jobs and histories, Tekmetric prints out whatever is required.

Tekmetric allows owners to keep track of their history with vendors, and it also can be used to create reports on employee performance. If more than one person needs to see confidential data, it’s simple to allow access.

About Tekmetric

Tekmetric is a company headquartered in Houston, Texas that makes auto shop software. It was founded by a team of auto shop owners who successfully ran their own repair shops for years and came to the conclusion that there was no software on the market that fit the needs of the small auto repair shop owner, so they created a product that did. The team at Tekmetric is all about making auto shop management easier, and they are upfront and clear about everything they have to offer.


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