The Best Web-based Tool For Converting, Splitting, And Compressing PDF Files

PDF is a type of file format that is unmodifiable. But, changes are happening so fast. People demanded to have tools that could alter their PDF files. As a result, various web-based tools sprouted like mushrooms on the internet. 

One of the most useful tools that are available online is the PDFBear. It allows you to convert, split, and compress your PDF files at ease. Not only that, they have the most reliable security features and have the most straightforward steps in altering your file format. Here some guide on how to use PDFBear’s online tool: 

Convert Your File Formats Using PDFBear 

Converting your file formats into an uneditable PDF file is very useful. For instance, you have a research paper that needs to be printed. It will not be ideal if you print it while still in Docx format since your files might be altered upon printing. The best possible idea is to convert it with PDFBear’s Docx to PDF file converter tool. 

Using PDFBear’s file format conversion tool, you can convert your files easily. One must ready the file that needs conversion. Once you have selected a file, please put it in their file conversion tool. After that, your file will undergo the conversion process. The transformation of your files might take a minute, depending on the strength of your internet connection.

Once the conversion is done, you can now download your file and share it online. With this, you can now print your file without any worries that it might be altered! Converting your file formats has never been this effortless. With PDFBear’s file format conversion tool, you can convert various file formats into a PDF file and vice-versa! 

How To Split Pages From Your PDF File

One of these days, your boss might ask you to remove a specific page from your submitted PDF file. You can try to convert your PDF file into an editable file format and remove that particular page. However, that’s a tedious and time-consuming procedure. Better try to use PDFBear’s file format splitting tool.

Splitting a page from your PDF might sound complicated. And, yes, it is! However, with PDFBear’s sophisticated technology, you can split your PDF files easily. Begin with selecting a PDF file. After that, put that file into their PDF splitting tool. The next thing you must do is to choose the pages you want to remove from the original file. 

Once you are done, you can transfer the pages you want to extract into another PDF file. After that, PDFBear will start to split the pages and will be available in just a minute, depending on your internet’s strength. Once the entire process is done, you can download it online and share it with your colleagues! 

How To Compress Your File Formats

Sometimes, one can experience having a hard time sending a single file online. It is a common problem if your files contain a massive amount of size. Also, having an enormous amount of files can consume a lot of space on your computer’s memory storage. The best for you is to reduce your file’s size using PDFBear’s file compressor tool.

Reducing your file is not a complicated task when using PDFBear. The first thing you need to do is select a file and drop it in their system. Once you are finished, there is an option you can choose from their system on how you want your files to be compressed. After that, your file will be compressed right away. If you have a strong internet, your files will quickly be ready.

If you are done with the entire process, you can now download your reduced PDF file. The downside of compressing your file is that the quality is also reduced. But with PDFBear’s sophisticated system, your file’s quality is retained! 

Securing Your Files

A lot of people put their personal information on their files. Sometimes, they get worried that their file’s content might be compromised. But, using PDFBear as your online file format alteration tool, you do not need to worry about security and privacy. PDFBear automatically deletes your file an hour after finishing your transactions! 


PDFBear contains the most straightforward steps in altering your file formats. You do not have to be a specialist in using computers if you are using PDFBear. Also, they have other tools available on their website. If you are still hesitant with their tools, you can avail of their free trial and experience the same comfort that thousands of people already experienced! 


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