The Easiest Reverse Osmosis System Installation Guide You Need to Follow

How to assemble a reverse osmosis machine? Reverse osmosis machine (RO) is a tool that you can use for filtering water so that the condition will be clean and clear. This machine works by removing some contaminants from the water, including minerals and negative ions. Thus, the filtered water using the RO machine becomes more feasible to drink.

NASA’s US space agency was the first company that discovered a reverse osmosis machine. The main purpose of this machine is as a medium that astronauts can use to treat water found in space. Maybe someday humans can find water on another planet. Well, simply by utilizing this machine, the water will be pure and more sterile.

For business people, reverse osmosis machine can be a very profitable tool to make money. They can open a refill drinking water depot business to supply drinking water for the local community in the neighborhood. Since the opportunity is still wide open, you can compete with large industries that have long been involved in this field of business. Somehow, this RO system is also good for personal use where you can install in your kitchen and bathroom. You do not need to boil the water from the RO system because it is already clean and pure. It is similar to mineral water that you find in a grocery because the machine already eliminates the contaminants in the water by the use of a membrane.

How to install RO system at home with ease?

Well, you can find the best reverse osmosis system in the market, But, you probably have no idea how to start reverse osmosis system installation process. Read these following easiest simplest ways of RO system installation for home use.

Installing Reverse Osmosis System

Before you start installing the RO system, you must know a few components of RO system that you must assemble. Anyway, RO system consists of three parts, they are:

  • The main frame includes RO booster pump and adapter, housing membrane, post-carbon, LPS (low-pressure switch), HPS (high-pressure switch), and flow.
  • 10-inch housing filter, 10-inch filter cartridge (spoon, GAC, and CTO), and RO membrane.
  • 3-5 liter shelter tank, RO hose, faucet set, and faucet connector.

Meanwhile, the basic steps of Reverse Osmosis system installation are among others:

  1. Install the filter cartridge by inserting it into the housing. There are three parts of housing that you must fit with this component. The first housing is transparent to place the spoon cartridge and the second housing is in the center of the GAC cartridge. Then, the third housing is to place the CTO cartridge.
  2. After you fill each housing on the cartridge correctly, unite all three using a metal frame available. The sequence starts from the housing for the spoon cartridge, then the housing for the GAC cartridge, and the last CTO housing cartridge. Make sure the order is correct.
  3. Put the RO membrane into its housing by putting it in the correct position. You must put the head/rubber membrane at the outer or near to the housing of the membrane. After successfully installing it, you need to close the back of the housing.
  4. Next, you must install the hoses contained in the inlet or in-place raw water above the transparent housing filter in its position. This inlet hose is usually connected directly to the raw water faucet.
  5. The next step is to install the post-carbon inlet hose to the storage tank. Perform this installation carefully. Then, make sure that you install the hose in the correct position.
  6. Lastly, you must install a hose at the post-carbon output in its position. Then, connect the hoses with the faucet as the drainage of water from the processing that you can drink directly without boiling it.

Well, those are a few simple ways for Reverse osmosis system installation just in case you prefer installing it alone. But, it looks so complicated for some users and they have no idea where to start. In this case, you probably want to hire a specialist who can install it correctly. But, you probably need to consider these following tips on hiring reverse osmosis system specialists.

Find an Experienced RO System Specialist Around You

First of all, you need to find someone who is experienced enough in installing RO system. Usually, when you buy an RO system in a certain store, they also provide RO System installation service, but it is only an option. You can ask them to install it at your home just in case you have no time or you have no idea how to do it. Maybe, friends of yours can help you install your RO system, you may also get some help from them.

Consider the Reverse Osmosis System Installation Cost

Well, when you prefer hiring a specialist to install your RO system, then you must prepare some money to pay the service. But, you do not need to worry because hiring an RO system installer is actually not expensive because you can also negotiate it. You can even install a few RO systems in your house to make sure that you have a clean water supply in every corner of your house. Meanwhile, the reverse osmosis system installation cost also depends on the difficulty level of your RO system that you will install.

Finally, that’s all about reverse osmosis system installation that you need to know just in case you decide to buy an RO system to provide clean water in your house. Well, it will be fun to install your RO system alone. Basically, installing an RO system is not difficult, but you still have a chance to get some help from a specialist. When you hire a specialist to install your RO system, you also need to consider the cost. If you think that it is too expensive, then you may try to install it by yourself. Or you can still hire a special just in case money is not a big deal to you.


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