The magic of the Elixir of life

All living organisms perform certain life functions like synthesizing energy for living and growing, exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, reproducing and creating new offspring, and excreting the waste from the body. 

For performing these basic functions of life, every organism needs to consume water in some form and use it for various purposes. In the case of human beings, our bodies are an accumulation of the food we eat in terms of solid matter and also 75% water content. 

There is no doubt about how important water is for our lives and why we need enough of it every single day to ensure our survival and also keep our hygiene in check. 

Doctors from the best urology hospitals in Bangalore can further add to more details of how many things can go wrong with our urinary system if we do not consume enough water every day. 

More to know about water

A water molecule is made when two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom under certain physical conditions. Chemical studies tell us more about the properties of water like its dipolar nature and conductivity. 

The water molecule is bent in the middle which gives it its polar nature, one of the main contributing factors of it being able to dissolve a number of substances and being a universal solvent. The water molecules also allow electricity to pass through them.

Physical properties of water tell us more about its density which is the deciding factor for other objects to sink or float in it. Water also has a very high specific heat capacity which means that it takes a huge amount of energy to raise the temperature of water by one degree. 

What can happen in absence of enough water

The body may start to show various symptoms of dehydration in the beginning but with time, not having enough water may also develop some serious and chronic issues in the body like the following: 

  1. AFFECTING THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS: all our body parts need enough water to be able to function properly. If one starts to feel dizzy or not keep up with their thoughts, have trouble thinking straight, or feel depressed, it may be your brain telling you to drink lots of water. 
  1. STROKE: not consuming enough water on a daily basis increases the chances of heart diseases and can also cause a heart attack or heart failure in some cases. 
  1. MOOD SWINGS: apart from brain fog, feeling irritable is also a sign that the body may need more water. Dehydration can also be a cause of depression in some cases. 
  1. POOR SKIN: drinking enough water keeps the body hydrated and replenishes the loss of moisture from skin and hair. If enough water is not consumed, the skin may start to develop many issues and become wrinkly or dull with time. 
  1. UTI INFECTIONS: doctors from the best urology hospitals in Bangalore tell us that without enough water, kidneys may start to dysfunctional and we may even be at a higher risk for UTI infections. It may cause stones in urinary organs in severe cases and a burning sensation in the urinary tract at times. 

Benefits of consuming enough water

Apart from keeping the body healthy and helping it function smoothly, having enough water has surprising benefits for the skin, hair, and the whole body. 

  1. LUBRICATION: our bones are rigid parts that are joined together at joints. These joints need lubrication to allow smooth movements. Drinking enough water can keep the joints well lubricated for a long time and help avoid bone-related diseases and joint pains which are very common for people as they get old. 
  1. TEMPERATURE: sweating is a natural phenomenon in which our body gets rid of the toxins and also cools the body down. Having enough water makes us sweat more and keeps the body temperature even and regulates it when needed. 

Loss of water due to sweating means more evaporation from the skin which in turn means a cooling effect for the body, especially in warm weather. 

  1. WEIGHT LOSS: consuming water can also help the body to flush out the toxins and dissolve unnecessary fats. Thus water helps in weight loss, keeps the body rid of toxins, and also keeps the kidneys in good health while also helping with the absorption of necessary nutrients. 
  1. GLOWING SKIN: the most important step to take if one wants to have skin that is attractive glowing is to consume enough water, that is about 2-3 liters of water every day. Water keeps the skin healthy, avoids wrinkles, and improves the elasticity of the skin for a long period of time. 


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