Three Types of Beer Everyone Should Try

Craft beer has become increasingly more popular. Most recently there has become a correlation between the engineering and beer community. This could be a fluke, or it could be because brewing beer requires an engineer oriented mind. Either way, the world of beer is no longer slave to pale ales. These new types of beer are taking over the market for good reason. Going out for a craft beer after a long work week sounds great, but how do you decide what type of beer to choose? 

India Pale Ales

India pale ales are a hoppy beer style that can become surprisingly addictive These are beers that are brewed with hops, as well as other floral or funky notes. They were originally brewed with extra hops as a preservative and extra alcohol because they were meant to be cut with water after the long voyage from India to the United Kingdom for the soldiers. Once the beer got there, the soldiers never actually cut it with water, thus creating the India Pale Ale. This style of beer has become increasingly popular and can be found in Maricopa restaurants.


Brewed with a very high ratio of malts to hops, the stout will get you through the cold winter months. One popular style, the Russian imperial stout, was originally brewed for the monarchs of Russia. Stouts are frequently seen in barrel aged variants during which they pick up extra warming characteristics. Although they were originally brewed for the czars of Russia, stouts have become increasingly more popular in the past five years. This delicious, heavy beer is often aged in bourbon, whiskey, rum, or even cabernet barrels. 


Sour beers can range from the fruity sourness of raspberries to stripping the enamel off of your teeth. Wine and candy enthusiasts should consider trying this beer as a treat if they are feeling adventurous. Even those who are not beer enthusiasts can enjoy sour beers. Another popular trend is aging sour beers. These bottles can be kept for months or even years. Often the longer they are kept, the sourer they become.  While American light lagers tend to be the most popular, craft beers are still on the rise. Breweries are popping up all over the United States, and there seems to be no visible end to this trend. Next time you’re stuck on what to do on a Saturday night, consider branching out and going to a craft beer tasting. 


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