Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Walnut Creek, CA

So, you’re considering making some changes to your physical appearance with plastic surgery for a certain problem you may face. Congratulations, as the choice is usually not an easy one, for many reasons why you may want plastic surgery, the main goal is to make you feel better about whatever imperfection is ailing you.

Plastic surgery

When it comes to trying to do your best and look your best, you want the best to actually do the work for you. Not someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and who can actually cause complications. This article will give you a summary of what to look for when it comes to choosing the right surgeon for the desired tasks you need.

Be Sure to Ask All the Right Questions

It’s not as easy to find the right plastic surgeon as one thinks. Most insurances won’t cover plastic surgery (unless it is a medical emergency requirement), even though it would be great if they did. You can’t just go to a Dr. who will say that you can get an augmentation surgery done and refer you to a plastic surgeon. In most cases, you need to do your own research and want to make sure that the surgeon is a very credible source with the right success stories and minimal to no lawsuits like Dr. Kirman ( Therefore, ask the right questions to yourself.

How Good is My Surgeon?

When it comes to this, ask yourself and research your surgeon’s level of expertise. Make sure your surgeon is certified properly and licensed by a credible school of plastic surgery. There aren’t very many plastic surgeons out there, and for good reason; it takes a lot of surgery to make people feel comfortable with the way they look, and if anything happens, it’s on their hands. Plastic surgery isn’t a very easily trained form of surgery, and it’s like an art form.

How Many Surgeries Have You Done of this Type?

Just like other surgeons, it never hurts to get more than one opinion if necessary. When you’re choosing your surgeon, and you know what surgery you want, make sure your surgeon has done numerous successful operations. Ask your surgeon what the majority of surgeries they performed were, and you want the surgeon to say that the surgery you’re wanting is on their top priority. But don’t just believe it either; make sure they can back up their story with evidence, because many plastic surgeons can say that they’re able to do your surgery.

What About Lawsuits and Success Rate?

Another thing to be sure and ask the surgeon you choose is how many successful surgeries they’ve had. Make sure that they have a TON of reviews that aren’t just 5-star reviews (while it is common to see many, that’s great, but there should be some 4-star reviews. If there’s not, then you might think this surgeon is too good to be true, and that’s often the case). You can usually see a photo diary of plastic surgeons’ work when you’re considering surgery by them with pictures they take before and then again after the surgeries. Ask to take a look at those, and they can give you the proof you may need. You want to make sure that there are more than one post operation photo so you can see various angles, and see success rates over time to ensure their work is still holding up later after the healing process ends.


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