Tips for Complete Roller Door Maintenance without Spending Much

Roller doors are the type of doors that consists of horizontal slats hinged together and this action can be completely be motorized to open and close the door. Roller doors provide more protection against heavy rain or wind and it also helps to protect the garage or home from the burglary and vandalism attempts. Thus, Roller Door Maintenance is important.

Garage door or roller door is the largest moving piece of equipment that is installed as well as attached to the building. Regular maintenance of the roller door would also effectively make it operate more smoothly and increase the longevity of the door opener or motor. When you are not maintaining the door properly, then, it would create a problem for motors and the life term of the motor would be reduced. Normally, the weight of the roller door could be around 60 kgs and can also exceed 150 kg. Regular roller door maintenance is very important.

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Below are the most important things to consider for the roller door maintenance:

  • Test all the moving parts in the garage door to ensure that none of them are bent or broken
  • Lubricate hinges, rollers, springs, axles and rails with 30 W household oil regularly
  • Check axles for tightness
  • Do not lubricate tracks
  • Clean inside and outside of the door with a soft cloth as well as diluted household detergent for protecting the complete door
  • Apply the layer of wax on the door to protect against the moisture and dirt
  • Regularly check sensitivity in the garage door opener and adjust it based on the owner’s manual guide
  • Check seal strip at the bottom of the door, so you could replace it when it gets broken or cracked
  • Check whether there is rust on metal parts
  • Apply suitable oil on the rusted spot

Adjusting the spring tension could be a dangerous procedure as it can cause physical injury when not performed properly. So, hiring the right qualified door service professionals for the roller door maintenance is the best option.

When the garage door is made up of wood, then, it mainly requires high maintenance with an occasional coat of paint along with which the caulking also needs to be applied to the gaps or cracks. To avoid all these problems, best way is to regularly maintain the garage door.

Garage Door Motors:

Normally, the roller doors have long range of moving parts, but motor is the real driver. Normally, a new motor lasts for more than 10 to 15 years based on the make. Newer motors also come with long years of warranties.

Roller Door Maintenance 1


Track adjustments:

Align tracks to ensure door functions flexibly and you need to replace when needed.

Track lubrication:

Use only silicon-based sprays. Normally, oil attracts more dust, so it would build up the grease. Silicon-based sprays are much important for the door parts for roller door maintenance.

Weather seal replacements:

Contact your supplier for the weather seal replacements as it is quite difficult to get hold of the door.

Safety Checks:

With the daily usage of these doors, everything gets tightened, wires become visible or electrical cables gets cracked, then it is necessary to enable install electrical outlets in the roller door maintenance.

Check hardware for tightness:

Garage door normally moves up and down so hardware gets loosened over time. Therefore, inspecting the hardware in the garage door would efficiently tighten the loose roller bolts or the brackets with the roller door maintenance.

Test door’s balance:

When the garage doors are not balanced properly, then opener needs to be used every time to open or close the door. Disconnect opener with pulling release handle to check whether the door is balanced or not. You need to lower door halfway, so when the door is not balanced then you need to adjust the spring’s tension.


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