Tips to choose the best WordPress theme for your next website

With thousands of WordPress themes available on the internet, choosing a professional WordPress theme for your next website will indeed be a daunting task! 

If you have got certain budget constraints, you can definitely start with a free theme and once you find that you are making good money out of the free theme you have been using, shifting over to a premium WordPress theme is going to be a really good idea. Remember that premium themes tend to come with a lot of more features and the best part about them is their versatility. 

Before you actually invest in a WordPress theme or opt to customize one, here are a few tips that you must look at:

Take a note of the mandatory features: 

Before you actually decide on the theme, think about the features that you are sure to need! Might be, there are some of the features that you can live without! 

Also, you must be sure of the design that you have in mind before you actually select a theme. Whether you want a single column or multiple columns, once you are sure of the design, make the choice accordingly. Simply focus on the features and attributes that you would require instead of filling your theme with too many clutter. 

Refrain from installing every feature that you come across:

There’s absolutely no point in bloating your theme with every feature that you go through! You may like a lot of features while surfing or feel that they would be cool for your website, but you should prevent yourself from installing them all at once. A neat and clean website with some decent features looks much in-prompt! Many times, this may hamper your site performance as a whole! 

Take a note of the responsiveness of your theme:

It is important to keep a track of the compatibility of your website. It must take lesser time to get loaded as well as should open on any device, both smartphone as well as in desktops or laptops. Look for features that are flexible enough and not something that looks good but lacks the major potential, that is, the one that goes through a lot of hiccups. 

Get the color contrast right:

Digital marketing has got a lot to see through the look and feel of a website. That does create an impact on your business as well! Therefore, make sure that a bit of color can alter your brand persona and give it an interesting touch. Enter directly into the custom CSS and make the changes by keeping your brand recognition in mind. 

Ensure easy navigation:

You should focus on the navigation aspect of your website. It is essential to understand that navigation needs to be really quick and user friendly. Talking about the fonts you decide to choose, ensure getting the fonts that are simple and readable. 

Test the theme well before making the final decision:

Installing the theme plugin would help in enhancing the efficiency of the plugin. Before you actually show your website to the entire world, upload your content and review it. Once you are sure that things are going well, move ahead!

Always remember the fact that a theme is just for the sake of design, however, a plugin talks about the functionality. 

Check the reviews:

Last but not the least, taking the reviews and ratings into count will be an amazing idea to pick up the right decision. Just as you do before any purchase, do it here too! 


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