Tips to Get the Best Online Fashion Shopping Experience

Shopping online definitely comes packed with its own benefits, no need to wait in lines, leave the house or even change out of your pyjamas. In addition to this, you get great styles at bargain prices. However, with all these benefits, you also get a few drawbacks, like those killer jeans arriving three sizes smaller. To save yourself from the nasty surprises and no returns as well as save your time, here I have curated a list of tips to help you get the best online shopping experience ever.

Use these tips the next time you go on a shopping spree and you won’t be disappointed with your order.

Get Your Measurements

If you are an online shopping freak, you would know that clothing sizes vary from brand to brand and even the batch the products were made in. With in-store shopping, it is easily navigated by taking a quick trip to the dressing room, but with online shopping, you don’t have that luxury. You will need to whip out the old measuring tape and take note of your bust, waist, hips and inseam (the length of the inner leg from the top of the thigh to the ankle) this is necessary when buying a pair of pants. If you aren’t sure where to begin, head to your local tailor or seamstress and have them do it or click here. This ensures you will get the most accurate measurements possible.

Check the Size Guide

When you are shopping online, you must have seen the size guide, yes do check that. See how your measurements stand up to the site’s size guide to help determine whether you should order that piece of clothing or not. If you are shopping on sites that are multi-branded, then you need to dig a little deeper. Taking a glance at the size guide before buying isn’t a bad idea. Another important thing you might want to have a look at is the size the model is wearing. Here height can sometimes give you an idea of how long or short the black jumpsuits you are looking at actually are.

Look at the Material

The material of the clothing is just as important as the size. There’s nothing worse than receiving a dress you have been looking to buy for months, only to find that the fabric is not soft. Since when shopping online, you cannot touch the fabric and distinguish what the texture of a piece is like just by looking at a photo. So, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the fabric content. Go through your wardrobe and find the clothes that you love the most, as well as anything that feels uncomfortable, itchy or stuffy. Make note of their material and use it as a reference point when shopping online. If you know you don’t like polyester and that top you’re about to buy is made of that material, you can avoid it.

Be Flexible

When shopping for women’s clothing online, be aware that how a colour appears on-screen may not be the same when you actually get the product. Also, the colour can be different from batch to batch. You should be prepared for your products to arrive in a slightly different hue, however, if the pieces of clothing you get which doesn’t even match your adjusted expectations, then send it back.

These are few of the tips to keep in mind when shopping online so you get the best shopping experience and if you want to get further information on size guide then visiting Sculpt Australia would be helpful.


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