Tips to Make your Baby Photos Shine!

As a parent to a new baby, you want to take some great photos of them that can show off their personality and their cuteness. Since the invention of smartphones, taking baby photos is easier than ever. However, many people just snap a photo of their baby without giving it much thought.


There are ways to make the photo of your baby look great. While not every photo needs to look like it was shot by a pro with a camera worth thousands, there are ways to make your photos look better, and no, you don’t even need to get a fancy camera that costs as much as some of the best designer handbags for moms out there.

Think of the Angles

When it comes to human photography, the angles are all. A bad angle can make an attractive person look ugly, and vice versa. When your baby is newborn, finding that perfect angle that makes them look great is challenging. They have so many bumps and scratches that it can be hard.

When shooting a baby, do it low. Get down on the baby’s level like you’re crawling. This can make the viewer think that they’re the baby themselves. Plus, you can try unique angles from there. Also, closer shots can help too. If you use a long focal length, this can help a lot.

Also, when shooting the baby, think about who is holding them. They are the subjects too, and you want them to look appealing as well.

Try different angles and perspectives, and this can improve your pictures by a margin.

We all love newborn babies because they are cute and small (if only they stayed that way). As a whole they are cute but they also are made up of many little cute body parts that present a photographer with an array of wonderful subject matter – especially if you zoom in on them.

Figure Out When They Smile

A baby’s smile is contagious, so photographing their smile is hard. However, a younger baby cannot smile on command; it’s up to you to figure out which times they are happy.

Some babies smile while eating food, and others smile while you’re rocking them to sleep. Some don’t smile at all, but the content look they have is enough to make everyone happy while looking at them.

Always Have Your Camera On You

This has probably happened to picture moments outside of parenthood. You see something that is a perfect shot, and by the time you get your camera, it’s gone. The same applies to a baby. You want to have your camera close by so you can be ready if there is a moment worth capturing.

The More Pictures The Merrier

This isn’t a photography tip, but it’s worth trying.Try taking a photo of your baby every day and putting it in a folder. You’ll be surprised at how fast the baby develops and grows within a few weeks. By taking a picture every day, you’ll be glad when you see the results.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do a Little Editing

There is a bit of a debate as to whether or not your baby needs to be airbrushed. Should you show the baby in their natural appearance, or give them a little makeover? It all depends on you. However, it may be worth it to mess around with the airbrush options just to see what you can come up with. We say it’s worth a try.

Always Remember the Lighting

Light can be your friend, or your worst enemy. The light that comes from the morning sun through a window can give your baby an angelic feel. Too little lighting can make the photo grainy and undesirable. Shadows can make your baby picture look dramatic. You should think about the lighting and try taking pics in different lighting. You may be surprised at what it can do for you.

Finally, It’s Okay to Choose Your Moments

Don’t think that you have to always take pics of your baby as some sort of social media experiment. Sometimes, it’s okay to take pictures only in certain key moments of your baby’s life. Other times, you may not want to take pictures at all and keep your pictures private.

Experiment with your camera and see what you can come up with! best designer handbags for moms


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