To Pack on Muscle Mass, Here are the Most Important Rules

If you have invested in going to the gym and faithfully doing reps and sets but cannot see the results, then there are things you are not following. Whenever you invest on a fitness routine, unless your goal is just to maintain good health, there are physical goals that you make and should see if the routine is working. However, if you cannot see the results of such a venture, it is tempting to blame it on your body not being designed to add mass, but the culprit could be failing to follow rules. If you are frustrated because you have not seen changes, or want to make sure you are on the right track even as you start your routine, here are a few rules to follow to help you gain muscle mass without frustrations:

Eat and Eat Some More!

If you want to pack on muscle mass, you need to eat. In fact you need to eat more calories than you can burn. People who don’t see results in gaining muscle mass just fail to eat enough. While there is no concrete rule on exactly how much you can eat, you however need to push your consumption limit.For example, you can choose to eat more meals in a day or less meals but significantly larger portions. Another tip to use is to figure out how many calories your body could need to build muscle and start tracking the caloric weight of your daily meals. Make sure you especially pack on carbs to give you energy as fuel for your workouts as well as protein because this contains amino acids essential for muscle growth. In fact, you should double or triple your protein intake. You can also aid your nutrition by choosing athletes’ food supplement such as lean mass weight gainerthat consists of protein, and quality carbohydrates and fats.

Refine Your Workout Routine

If you want to increase muscle growth then you need to get stronger. Therefore, strength training should be a key point in your routine. It is great for your weightlifting sessions because the more strength you build, the more weight you move and consequently and the more stress you place on your muscles, which helps them grow. However don’t focus on strength only, target your muscles using different rep ranges such as fewer reps for heavy and moderate loads as compared to many more reps for lighter loads.

Build on the Volume and Intensity of Your Workout

These two factors helps build your progress as you train. Over time, increase your volume such as by increasing weight or increasing the number of reps. To increase intensity, perform reps with as much speed and force as you can without sacrificing good form.

Recover and Sleep Well

Occasionally, take a break from your intense training to help your body recover. Eat nutrient-dense foods and prioritize rest to avoid burnout. Sleeping enough also helps in gaining muscle mass because it increases the level of growth hormones which build muscle.


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