Toothpaste: How to Choose the Right One?

We all use toothpaste; it is one of those must-have items for personal hygiene, yet with so many brands – all promising to protect your teeth and make them whiter – it can seem like a daunting challenge to know which is best.  If you don’t have a regular toothpaste and would like some tips, here are some recommendations from dentists.

Always Choose a Fluoride Based Product

Fluoride is proven to help protect teeth and gums and almost all toothpastes would contain trace amounts of fluoride. This substance fights tooth decay and is an essential ingredient for every toothpaste brand; yet there are those who believe that fluoride inhibits the pineal gland – the part of the brain connected to spiritual development.

Focus on your Individual Needs

While all toothpastes will clean your teeth, some are specifically designed for removing stains, combatting bad breath, or reducing sensitivity, and if you spoke to a Face Value Dental dentist based in Brisbane, they would advise you to look for a toothpaste that meets your individual needs.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, avoid toothpastes that are designed to whiten your smile, as they have ingredients that can cause more sensitivity. You are advised to seek out a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth, and over a period of time, you should see a noticeable difference with less sensitivity.

Be Careful with Whitening Toothpastes

While most are fine, there are some that contain chemicals that can damage the tooth enamel. Avoid abrasive tooth cleaning products that come in powder form, as the added abrasions can erode the tooth enamel.If you are at all unsure about a toothpaste, always ask your dentist.Your dentist is always there to give advice on any oral issue.

Trial and Error

Try a certain brand for a week or two and see how you feel; if your mouth feels clean after brushing, that’s a good sign. Generally speaking, a toothpaste from a major manufacturer is perfectly safe, but such is the industry, there are toothpastes for those who want whiter teeth, have sensitive teeth or breath issues. That is why you should be looking for a brand that is in line with your needs.


We can’t talk about toothpaste without mentioning the toothbrush, which is an integral tool, and ideally, a brush with a small head and soft bristles is preferred. The small head allows you to brush at multiple angles, getting into all those cavities and hard-to-reach places. It is very important to have regular dental check-ups, as this gives the dentist a chance to fix any issues, and with good oral hygiene practices, you should always have healthy teeth and gums. Choose your toothpaste carefully and you will receive maximum benefit from the purchase, plus you will not be aggravating minor issues by using the wrong product.


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