Top 4 Adventure Resorts near Mumbai to Build Teamwork Amongst Employees!

Have your employees in Mumbai been nit-picky about work lately? Or are they not performing to the optimal level? Give a read about some of the popular adventure resorts near Mumbai!

Well, chances are the ennui virus has affected your team. Many a time when work becomes unbearable, employees may falter under stress and monotony. Factors which will be affected in such cases are –

• Coordination with other employees
• Lack of motivation in work
• Poor teamwork & more work-place conflicts.

adventure resorts near Mumbai

So, should you be charged with such situations, it’s best to consider an outbound training program which is firstly fun, secondly productive! So, here’s an idea – adventure resorts near Mumbai!

Mumbai has notably some of the best adventure resorts which can not only boost the morale of your workers, but they can double up for outbound training, institutes too!

In fact, here are four resorts you must consider for building teamwork!

1. Kundalika Eco Adventure & Rafting Camp

Situated in a quaint village near Mumbai-Goa highway, this rafting camp on the banks of river Kolad is a good choice for some adrenalin rush.

What it offers –

This retreat offers a plethora of group activities like Kayaking, river crossing, night trail, camp cookout, adventure sports & trekking. You ask the coordinator to divide teams and help your employees indulge in healthy competition.

This resort filled with greenery, beauty & productivity offers freedom and can help in decreasing the stress levels of your workers.

2. Juice Adventures – one of the best adventure resorts near Mumbai

If you’re looking for the best team building adventure resort in Mumbai, this is it! Situated in the west of Mira Bhayandar this resort has a plethora of activities which are both enthralling and productive at a go. Check them out –

• Bubble Zorbing
• Paintball
• Target shooting
• Mighty Pentagon
• Sumo Wrestling and many more

Employees can challenge themselves and learn various aspects of management, teamwork and beat their excess stress!

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3. Sajan Nature Club (Wada)

Just 2 hours away from the city, the Sajan Nature Club is a 35-acre property made for the Nature thrill-seekers of today!

Guests will be subjected to beautiful surroundings, home-cooked food & artificial waterfalls coupled with a homely ambiance. Build’s your team skills, creativity and channelize their talents with adventure activities offered here like –

• Skywalk
• Burma Bridge
• Tarzan Swing
• Night trek
• Jungle trek & treasure hunt
• Tribal dancing

4. Dabhosa Waterfall Resort

If you are planning a day or two on your employee outbound training program, then Dabhosa Waterfall Resort is a good option. From Kayaking, Burma Bridge, Zip-line Treasure Hunt & Rappelling indulge your employees in a horde of activities and bring their motivation back.

Additionally, these activities help in building camaraderie amongst workers which can prove beneficial for the future success of your company.

Further, with waterfall view rooms, dorms & pristine ambiance, the place will help one unwind and feel relaxed.

Well, there you have it, the top 4 adventure resorts near Mumbai, you can use for productive recreation for employees! So, go for a tour today, and make office life productive on the morrow.


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