Top 6 DIY Garage Storage Shelves: Maximizing Your Garage Space

It would be exhausting to clean your garage if you couldn’t keep your belongings tidy and in the right place. That is why you need a garage shelf to store them better. DIY garage shelves are the perfect solution for keeping your equipment and belongings in order and maintaining a clutter-free garage. 

You will always find new ways to increase the value of your house. It can come from the building itself or adding new stuff. You can even make it by yourself because these DIY shelves don’t need any specific skills. We’ve gathered some suggestions to help you find what you’re looking for.

Wall-Mounted Garage Shelves

The Wall area in the garage is much too precious to be wasted by haphazardly hanging rakes, bikes, and garden hoses on nails, hooks, or racks. We engineered this garage shelves DIY concept to make every square inch of the wall space work for you. It’s simple to build and adapt to your requirements. 

You can mount cabinets, containers, or hooks and position them to make the most available wall space. You can mount difficult-to-hold objects like bikes or wheelbarrows with special store-bought hangers. Best of all, all is suspended from solid rails, allowing you to rearrange the wall in minutes without using any hardware. 

Sliding Cabinet Doors DIY

If you’re curious if it’s possible to conceal the cluttered shelves in your shed, read on. Yes is always the solution. Hide any boxes or other items on the shelf behind the sliding door. Install the shelving device on the wall, leaving enough room underneath for other instruments or large products.

How quickly will this project be completed? If you stick to it, you should finish most of it in a single day. Plan a second day to spend the details and begin the finishing. A circular saw and drill are needed in addition to standard hand tools such as a tape measure, level, framing square, and Speed Square. 

DIY Floating Garage Shelves

Wooden wall shelves look great with either rustic, modern, or natural home decor. These do-it-yourself garage shelves improve room organization and encourage you to see a variety of things. They’re a great way to add extra shelving space for collectibles, plants, paintings, photographs, and other products.

This is the most basic kind of garage storage shelf to build. In addition to being more concise, many people choose wooden garage shelves because they are less expensive. As opposed to other shelving items, wood shelves are the easiest to work with.

DIY Shed Shelves

Collecting your belongings and equipment in the shed is a brilliant idea because it allows you to locate them quickly. That is why you need DIY shed shelves to keep them in order and clean. Install the boards against the wall to help protect the shelves to make them more sturdy and stable.

Choosing plywood is an intelligent choice because it allows you to show off the natural nature of wood. Aside from that, it is less expensive and easier to deal with. 

DIY Ceiling Garage Shelves

Making ceiling garage shelves is an excellent way to deal with limited rooms. It helps to make the room underneath the stands more usable. You can store other items and supplies, as well as jobs, under the shelving unit. Since it is simple to build and deploy, you can complete the project in a single day.

Why not take advantage of a large amount of unused space above the garage door and install suspended garage shelves? These shelves are ideal for storing seasonal items and items that you like to preserve but do not use often. Simpson Strong-Tie connectors make it simple to build and mount these DIY storage shelves. 

Attached Garage Storage Shelves

You can encounter difficulties and disadvantages when constructing an enclosed storage shelf with doors. It would be best if you build an attached garage storage shelf that is accessible to anyone. This will help you quickly get the items you need to move on to the things you need to do. 

The attached garage storage shelves would also allow you to view the objects neatly and systematically, giving your garage storage a different aesthetic. Never forget that you can only store things that do not need a high level of protection from mice and insects that may gain access to your belongings.

Garden tools, toys, biking accessories, laundry, and various other objects are ideal for storing on these storage shelves.


The DIY shelves shown above are an excellent choice if you want to beautify your room while still arranging your belongings. The shelf will be a perfect place to organize your things. However, it has the potential to enhance the appearance of your area.

It’s also a good option if you’re on a tight budget. You should repurpose the old items on the shed or use another material to surround it. 


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