Top 7 Fashion Essentials for every Stylish Girl

Fashion has always been at the forefront of society. This social phenomenon is involved in all aspects of living; all the different professions, sports, recreation, social life. Our lifestyle is influenced by fashion, and our sense of fashion is influenced by our lifestyle.

The style we choose to make our own is influenced by many factors. Our personal judgments, our environment, our social status and media influences. Therefore, we all have our personal preferences towards style and clothing. Whatever we choose to wear or what trends we choose to follow, we all do want to look stylish and fashionable.

Today, it’s easier than ever to follow the latest trends in the world. Thanks to the social media we are always in touch with fashion and trendsetters. Moreover, consumerist society has got to the point where every trendy item is attainable for everyone, considering the fact that it’s selling for different prices and quality.

Whatever trend you may be following, or style you consider your own, there are some classic fashion items that are a must-have for women. These essentials are adaptable to any style or trend, moreover, they are considered a classic fashion trends you can’t go wrong with.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been popularized in the ‘60s. With the evolution of fashion, they have become a unisex item appreciated and worn by all ages. Today, leather jackets can be seen even on the child-mannequins. They are still very popular and considered as a wardrobe essential for both men and women.

Having a black leather jacket in your closet is a first-aid in any critical situation. They pair well with anything. Classic or more modern  feminine-looking model, your leather jacket makes a good pair with: elegant dress-giving a more chick look, jeans or trousers and a t-shirt, long or short skirts and shorts. Therefore, it’s a universal item that  looks very cool on anyone, anywhere!

Black Dress

They say, for better or for worse, you must possess a little black dress. Finding a perfectly-fitted black dress for your figure, gets you prepared for any kind of events.

 A black dress is the definition of women elegance and beauty. History knows that every appreciated and beautiful lady has been remembered dressed in her little black dress paired with red lipstick. The definition of feminine, the black dress and the red lipstick, is your best choice when you want to get all the attention.

Black high Heel Shoes

Heels are women’s most powerful weapon. You put your heels on and the world is a different place to live in. The classic, elegant black heels will make you look very professional and powerful. They are so adaptable and can be easily paired with any casual, professional or chick nighttime outfit.  Put your heels on and conquer the world!

The magical Jeans

Almost every girl once in a while is lucky enough to find a pair of perfectly-fitted jeans. Once you have found them, they will make you look and feel great. Jeans are universal wear and so adjustable to any style – they are miracle workers.

Whatever your preferred style is, jeans are always in the game. Jeans and a cool T-shirt is the easiest-to-pair outfit in times of need, that will make you look chic and feel awesome. Jeans go well with any footwear: boots, trainers, heels, sandals. Therefore, they are a four-seasons clothing item.

The Pantsuit

Once considered a men’s wear, pantsuits have taken such an elegant turn in women’s fashion, they look so much better on woman these days. Apart of making you look so powerful and professional, pantsuit is a very convenient wear for every style. However, modern trends have made tuxedo jackets an essential part of every look. Street style to high fashion, the polished look they achieve, looks great fused with any other.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have stepped on the scene in the ‘90s. Being very popular over the years, they have become essential jewelry for every woman. The great thing about these simple accessories is that they look good on every woman, instantly making any outfit look cool. They come in many sizes from gently-looking small to dramatically the big size of hoops that make a great extension to any woman’s style.

The Universal Bag

Every woman appreciates a practical and a beautiful bag. If you are into branded bags, choose a good looking leather bag that should be functional for your lifestyle. When you are a woman, you cannot avoid having to many things to bring with you whether you are going to work, dinner, you are traveling or shopping.

With so many choices out there, make sure to find the adequate size bag in the color palette you prefer the most. A universally good bag is a life-savior for a busy lifestyle.


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