Top Attraction in Chennai to visit on your next trip

Being the greatest educational and economic center in Southern India, Chennai is a popular place for enjoying visiting the tourist attraction. This eye-catching place covers a stunning list of tourist spots for the visitors. The biggest economic place lies in the eye-conic Coromandel Coast near the Bay of Bengal. Do you wish to explore the beautiful sights situated in Chennai? Read about the top attraction sites in Chennai and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience only with online flight and hotel booking services using which you can make your trip a better experience while availing instant discounts and offers on all transactions.


1. Valluvar Kottam

Are you aware of the famous literature, poet from Tamil, Thiruvalluvar? If not, then you should know that Thiruvalluvar made a recognition among the well-established scholars of Tamil. In his honor, the stunning Valluvar Kottam monument was built. This astonishing monument is situated on the high road of Kodambakkam and the village road of Nungambakkam. During the early morning or when the sun sets, it is a magnificent feeling to visit Valluvar Kottam.

2. Thousand Light Mosque

Do you ever wish to visit a multi-domed mosque? If so, then you can fulfill your wish when visiting Chennai. Thousand Lights Mosque is a multi-domed place, which recites in the list of “country’s largest mosque.” All the Royapettah area gets light up with the presence of such a great worship place of local Muslims. Some beliefs reveal that it requires 1000 lights to light-up the mosque’s entire hall, which is the main reason why the place is famous with its name ‘Thousand Lights.’ To enjoy the extreme beauty of the mosque, it is best to visit at night timings.

3. DakshinaChitra

This amazing place gives a true picture revealing the south. For enjoying a living-history, exploration in Chennai, DakshinaChitra is the best site. This exquisite beauty of history holds 18 houses depicting the architecture, lifestyle, culture, and craft of four southern states in India which includes Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Once you enter DakshinaChitra in Chennai, you would get to see over 4000 artifacts.

4. Edward Elliot’s Beach

Are you visiting Chennai with your family or friends? If so, then Edward Elliot’s beach is a must-visit attraction place in Chennai. The place’s vicinity lies in the Ashtalakshmi Kovil and it regards as ‘one of the cleanest seafront visiting the area’ in India. The place is open for visitors throughout the day so you can enjoy sunbathing in the relaxing environment of the beach. Enjoy relaxing on a scenic site with your friends away from your stress.

5. Mylapore

Are you a culture lover? Want to get soaked into the beautiful culture of Chennai? Enjoy a visit to Mylapore, the central hub place located in Chennai. This place boasts a history from the past 1500 years with its stunning temples, delicious Southern meals, and much more. The best place in Chennai for shopping is Mylapore as you would see endless things to shop and enjoy the best experience in Chennai.

6. Ashtalakshmi Temple

This place holds great regard as “Goddess Lakshmi’s abode,” who resembles the Goddess of Knowledge and Wealth. When you visit Chennai, don’t miss to head to Ashtalakshmi Temple, which stands on a few distances away from the beautiful Besant Beach. This temple holds great regard as it came into construction for the devotees of Goddess Lakshmi’s eight avatars. Want to know what’s more ethnic in the place which catches the entire attention? It is the echo ocean waves that feel to the temple turning it into a peaceful place.

7. Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy Temple dedicates to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and was constructed during the 8th century. The place holds a colorful beauty of gopurams along with the astonishing pillars carved in the temple. Want to know about the temple’s main features? It lies in the stunning carved two intricate domes of raja gopuram designed in a pyramid shape. One dome resembles in the eastern direction and the other shows its beauty in the western direction.

8. Guindy National Park

Searching for an adventurous spot in Chennai? Guindy National Park is your entire treat filled with adventurous experience. The vast species of plants, trees, birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians gathered all over the national park would give you a thrilling experience. With over 100 species of bird, you can enjoy looking at them only here. For your family vacation journey to Chennai, don’t miss to explore the park along with your kids too.

9. Connemara Public Library

Connemara Public Library is a loving site for the readers as it has almost every textbook which you would be searching for all over. This place gathers a recognition as “one of the four library depositories around the country with a vast collection of literary textbooks.” You can find your old historical scripture book without any much hassle. Besides, you can enjoy reading in the hall, video room, and a reference room.

10. Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar temple is regarded as the holy place with Lord Shiva’s shrine. The Pallavas built the temple and it was again built by the empire of Vijayanagara. For getting your eyes in the marvelous architecture of Vijayanagara and Dravidian, it is the best place.


In the Southern region, Chennai is an alluring city with beautiful attractions. The tourist sites are ample and the list is never-ending. The place resembles a wide range of authentic natural beauty with traditional rituals and joyful experience. Pack your bags and book your flights with HappyeasygoGoIbiboMakemytrip and more for the convenient and hassle-free service!


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