Top plugins for your Wix site to make more money

With around 55 million users from across the world, today, Wix is the most powerful web-publishing platform. It’s simple and easy to use aspects cause it to stand out from the crowd as a top-rated solution for online presence.

From making it easy to build a website using the advanced built-in features and functionalities to optimizing the website’s performance, Wix has its clients all covered. Though Wix is already embedded with many features and functionalities, you might not find them  sophisticated enough to make a lot or bring culminating success.


So, there is another way you can make the most out of your Wix website by embedding a few helpful plugins.

Plugins, in short, can be defined as the micro-apps that help you reap more benefits from the website, while making it easier for your visitors to access, navigate and understand your website’s concept.

So, here is the list of few top plugins with different functionalities that can help you make the most out of your Wix website.

Form builder Plus + by POWr

The custom forms are one the easiest ways to grow your business. The form builder can help you form a data dashboard with reports while providing the export option, supporting flexible and customized designs and also offering text in any language.

Allows building forms to collect details, receive payments etc.

Social Media Stream by SmartFox

Showcasing your social media setup improves your brand’s visibility on the website. So, integrate all your Social media stuff from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media streams onto one stunning widget.

Let your visitors view all your media and keep giving them real-time updates.

Live Chat by LiveChat

Faster responses from your help desk instills more service appreciation. Having a Live Chat plugin on your website enables the visitors to send their queries to you and also get their answers in no time. With Live Chat for your Wix website by LiveChat, you can keep your customers engaged as long as they are on your website.

This plugin will ultimately make customer service more efficient by operating and holding multiple live chat sessions at the same time. Use this plugin in collecting feedback and increasing conversion rates.

Recurring Payments by Subbly

Within Wix, you can sell subscriptions through Subbly. When Subbly is embedded within your Wix website, your customers will never have to leave the website to make payments. Wix’s recurring payments option will have you at the benefits end when receiving payments.

There are two ways to integrate Subbly to the Wix page to allow you to accept recurring payments.

Fyrebox quizzes by Fyrebox

What can be more engaging for the visitors than a fun or interactive quiz? With Fyrebox plugin, you can easily create word search puzzles, games, multiple choice quizzes and many more.

This can be the easiest way to have your customers engaged with your website and gain potential leads. As such, you can also collect the feedback for your services to know what changes and enhancements your customers expect from you.

This plugin also provides you with the feature of obtaining stats to see how the quiz is doing and also helps to collect visitor emails.

Site Booster by AppSharp

The more you are found on search engines and top-tier directories, the more traffic is diverted to your Wix website. More traffic leads to more conversions.

So, on the whole, it can be said that the traffic is directionally proportional to the motive of making money. The site booster plugin lists and monitors the business online across the web.

This plugin will help you rank higher in the search results and get found on the most prominent search engines.

Google Adsense

This plugin is free, flexible and is a hassle-free way to make money by just displaying few relevant ads beside the content on your website. You earn money for every valid click or impression. The plugin helps you keep track of the ad results and their detailed reports.

Furthermore, if you have the AdBlock plus installed in the browser, then you need to disable it in order to use this or get access to this plugin.


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