Two best and Great watches by IWC big pilot

If you are a watch lover, it’s highly doubtful that you haven’t come across the international watch company(iwc) yet. Famous in the watch world for their classic designs and the perfect level of quality. When it was released in 2002, IWC’s Big Pilot‘s Watch became an instant classic. In this article, we just reviewed the IWC big pilot’s best ever two watches.

Big Pilot’s Watch Model #: IW500912

IW5009 I2 takes a number of elements drawn from history and recapitulates them in a package that’s already being called a modern icon.Beautifully loomed the watch has extraordinary legibility indirect light, low light or no light conditions. IWC has upgraded the strap from alligator leather to a more aviation centric calfskin of this model.This is a true designer product built expressly for IWC by Italian leather specialists.


The case of the watch is very much in the mold of the modern big pilot’s timepiece. The size of the case is 46 mm and the thickness of the case is 16mm. The case is Stainless steel with a brushed/satin finish. The shape of the case is round which make it more attractive and eye catching .


This watch features a crown of over 10 millimeters in diameter.It handle the functions of the watch including a quick set date, winding for the seven-day power reserve as well as setting with a hacking function.When you pull the crown to extremity it does stop the balance allowing precise synchronization to a known accurate reference time. The Date display at the 6 o’clock position.

It also features a soft iron cage around it to channel magnetic field lines away from the hair spring.The watch features a bi-directional winding IWC peloton winding system for smooth and efficient action on the wrist.

Power Reserve

It does have a signature 168 hours or 7 days power reserve so if you do have a rotation of IWC timepieces this is an easy one to pick up after a few days of inaction.It’ll continue to tick away.The watch also has an explosive protection against decompression.

Water Resistant

This model of IWC is water resistant .IWC explicitly approves water resistant watches for use in swimming and water is Water resistant at 60 meters / 200 feet.However it’s important to note that no IWC leather straps are water-resistant.Leather is a natural porous material which absorbs moisture and age when exposed to water in an accelerated fashion.Put this watch on an IWC textile strap for water use.


Brand Iwc
Model Big pilot
Model number IW5009-12
Gender: Male
Movement: Automatic
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial Color: Black
Case Back  Solid
Frequency 21600 bph

Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Hodinkee

The inspiration for “HODINKEE” edition of the IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII dates back to the clean lines and reinforced design of the final post-war pilot watch-the 1948 Mark 11. The Mark 11 is loved by both purists and collectors because of its simple esthetic and tough way. In 1948, when it was initially launched, the Mark 11 was honored for its anti-magnetic soft iron inner shield and clean, legible dial. The example set by IWC during that period was use of the caliber 89 movement, it was accurate and reliable. The Mark 11 remained in production until the beginning of Mark XII in the mid 1980s and through until the launch of Mark XVIII in 2016.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition “HODINKEE” isn’t just a no-date pilot’s’s the modern incarnation of the Mark 11 and the 3705, with little details that make it live well outside the other pilot’s watches from IWC shown.

“HODINKEE” is not only a pilot watch for the IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition. But also a  recent Modern embodiment of the Marks 11 and 3605, with little details that make it live well outside the watches of the IWC pilot.

You just can imagine wearing this watch–comfortable, lightweight and easy. The texture of the Ceratanium, a soft finish not so hard on the skin–is one of the delights of this horn. For us, the case is always the ideal size for such a watch: big enough to be present and legible, but small enough to comfortably wear under a cuff.

The IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII’ HODINKEE’ is available in the HODINKEE shop as well as in selected IWC Schaffhausen shops in a limited 500-piece range. The number of every caseback is 500. The retail price is $6,400 and all watches are ready to be delivered immediately.


The size of the case is 39 mm, the height of the case is 10mm while the width is 20 mm. It features a ‘Ceratanium’ material  with case. The shape of case of this timepiece is round and looks pretty awesome.

Specifications :

Brand Iwc
Model Big pilot
Model number IW3248-01
Gender: Male
Movement: Automatic
Case Material: Ceratanium
Dial Color: Black
Case Back Closed
Frequency 21600 bph


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