Vivah MP3 Song – The Lyrics and Music make you fall in Love again

Vivah, the 2006 Indian movie is still equally popular in 2018. Twelve years have passed but this romantic drama film, directed and written by Sooraj R. Barjatya. The movie went too popular among the audiences who have been looking for an idealistic love story. The best part of the film is it portrays the tiny pleasures in the life of a bride and a bridegroom. Coming to the major ingredient of a movie, that is, its songs and certainly Vivah MP3 Song is still grabbing the limelight from its fans since its year of release.

Vivah MP3 Song

The plot of the movie has been wonderfully built, and that has ultimately made it possible for the story to reach its audience in such a remarkable way. Definitely, it has represented one of the purest and innocent love story of all times.

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Chemistry portrayed through a sweet bond:

When it comes to a love story, romance or drama, the chemistry of the actors is a vital issue to keep in the note. Vivah starring Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Tap along with the legendary actor, Alok Nath, has presented the glory of intense love in the most wonderful manner. Though the central theme of the movie revolves around marriage, the film presents the journey of two young souls from friendship to marriage. Of course, their love faced certain challenges, but they did overcome all of them.

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Considering the songs of the movie, Vivah MP3 Song list has a handful of mesmerizing songs that are potent of touching the hearts. Each song depicts the insight of the movie, thereby conveying a positive message to the viewers.

Songs included in the Vivah MP3 Song list:

  1. Mujhe Haq hai (Link)
  2. Milan abhi aadha adhura hai (Link)
  3. O jiji (Link)
  4. Kal jisne janam yahan paaya (Link)
  5. Jai Gauri maa (Link)
  6. Do anjane ajnabi (Link)
  7. Savaiyaa – Chhota Sa Saajan (Link)
  8. Hamari Shaadi Mein (Link)
  9. Tere Dware Pe Aai Baraat (Link)

It’s definitely a must-see movie for people who are in love with prominent story-lines combined with romance and drama. Besides, the Vivah MP3 Song list is sure to double your urge for the movie.

Try watching this film with your to-be partner, husband or wife and family the next time you could take out some time from your busy schedule. Definitely, Vivah with its awesome tracks would strengthen your bond!



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