Weddings: Authentic Bridal Maharashtrian traditional jewellery!

Amongst all those communal weddings in India, Maharashtrian weddings are by far very famous for their series of vibrant rituals. A mixture of various culture & customs, Maharashtrian weddings showcases an amalgamation of traditions. So if you’re a jittery new bride confused with what kind of jewellery to pick depending on the occasion, worry not! Here is all you need to know about Maharashtrian traditional jewellery.

Maharashtrian traditional jewellery

Read below and discover the perfect Maharashtrian traditional jewellery, to pair with your wedding custom!

Pre-wedding rituals: Maharashtrian traditional jewellery

1. The SakharPuda ritual or engagement ceremony:

The first and most vital ritual of any Maharashtrian wedding is the engagement ceremony or SakharPuda.For this grand occasion, new brides can wear the traditional Mundavlya along with their fancy choora.

However, select your Mundavlya only after you pick the bridal trousseau to accolade your outfit. As Maharashtrian weddings are solely based on vibrant colours, select shades of green-hue golden chooras or bangles to balance your outfit.

2. Kevlan ceremony

The Kevlan ceremony is celebrated in the bride’s & groom’s house by offering prayers to the family deity. Enclosed by close relatives & friends, pair your ritual attire with a Kolhapuri Saaz, a small nath & shiny authentic traditional bangles to embellish it your outfit the right way.

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3. Mehendi ceremony

Mehendi is one of the most anticipated rituals of a bride. The underlying belief of wearing this coloured pattern on a palm is, the darker the Mehendi colour; the more pronounced is the husband’s love for his wife.

For an auspicious Mehendi ceremony, wear a gorgeous golden necklace set and pair it with atraditional Putli Haar of Maharashtra.

You can also go for family heirlooms, for this favourable occasion!

4. The wedding!

When the big day strikes, you don’t want to end up with a wrong set of Maharashtrian traditional jewellery. So, remember to pick out your bridal wear beforehand and then pick the following –

• Mundavlya
• Vaki
• Thushi
• Nath& bangles
• Neckpiece
• Jhumkas or earpieces

[Note: – Pick the size depending on your bridal outfit’s design & pattern. For example- if you’ve chosen a choker styled neck piece, do not pair it with a heavyset earring, as it’ll look overbearing on your face.]

Post wedding rituals: Maharashtrian traditional jewellery

5. Grihapravesh!

The house-warming or grihapravesh is another vital aspect of any Marathi wedding. It’s that occasion to welcome the new bride into one’s family. The groom’s mother washes the bride’s feet with milk and performs an aarti of her to make sure the bride brings home happiness & joy.

For this occasion along with your Maharashtrian traditional headband, wear that authentic jewellery that was presented to you, by the bride’s family. You can pick the traditional nose ring with beaded necklaces & bangles to complete the house-warming look.

6. Reception

Well, once you get done with all those wedding formalities and traditional aspect of marriage, for the reception you can lighten up a little.

  • Traditional wear – For a traditional costume for the reception, pick an authentic necklace set and opt for a small nose ring to look homely and glamorous.
  • Western wear – If you’ve planned to wear a gorgeous gown for your reception, then it’s best to pick light and subtle jewellery. Pick out a diamond locket or pendant and pair with eclectic earrings to give the classic beauty.

Well, hope this help minimize the confusion for you would-be brides! Now quickly make a list of those necessary Maharashtrian traditional jewellery to get, and start shopping today!


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