What Comes In A Fake Urine Kit?

About every company has implemented drug testing as a criterion for either hiring employees or promoting a safer working environment. Drug testing is a means of protecting the company’s image and at the same time, a measure towards improving efficiency and safety in the workplace. It has now become very important for employees to pass drug testing. Companies want to ensure that all their employees test negative of drugs because, with the fast-growing economy, most people succumb to the pressures and turn to drugs for temporary comfort. Today, employees who want to pass a drug test will not need to go round begging for urine, all they have to do is purchase a fake urine kit and they are good to go.


What’s A Fake Urine/Synthetic Kit?

Synthetic urine or fake urine is developed in a laboratory and is designed to mimic the chemical properties and appearance of human urine. The chemical compounds in fake urine will mimic uric acid, urea, and creatinine that are found in human urine. In addition to this, they also have the same pH as the one in real human urine. However, for the fake urine to pass as the real thing, one has to ensure that they follow all the instructions provided such as ensuring that the kit temperature stays regulated within 33-38 degrees centigrade. In addition to this, the kit has to be used within a given time frame lest it becomes questionable.

What’s In A Fake Urine Kit?

First and foremost, it’s legal to purchase a fake urine kit. There are various types of fake urine kits that you can easily find and purchase online. However, purchasing it to be used for the purposes of passing drug testing by the courts or police is illegal. Synthetic urine is made only for people who want to pass drug testing and not as a substitute for urine and this is why it’s made to mimic the natural properties of human urine. Here are some common constituents of fake pee kits:

  • Heat pad – Natural urine or human urine is passed out within temperatures of between 96°F and 100°F. A fake urine kit comes with a heating pad that is strapped on to the sample to keep it warm. Basically, a person will need to strap the kit inside the legs or to the crotch where it doesn’t show but closer to warm skin. Nonetheless, you’ll need to ensure that you keep monitoring it from time to time by monitoring the heating pad. The heating pad acts as a thermometer on the kit.
  • Good quality pee – A fake urine kit should also include good quality fake urine because what’s the use of having a fake urine kit if it cannot provide you with quality fake urine. In addition to this, the kit should also include instructions. This will help you when it comes to regulating the temperatures and how to submit the samples.

How To Choose The Best Fake Urine Kit

As it turns out, finding the best urine kits can turn out to be overwhelming. There are many brands out there and in addition to this, if you’ve never used one, it would be hard to tell the best from the worst. Below are tips for choosing the best fake urine kits:

  • Choose trusted brands
  • Go for the best prices
  • Check the ingredients
  • Check the expiry date
  • Ensure that the kit has a heating pad

Finally, you want to be extra cautious when buying a fake urine kit. As earlier mentioned, there are many brands out there, meaning that the qualities of synthetic urine can differ. Finding the right kit can make a huge difference in your life because, for starters, your job depends on it.


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