What Do You Get With VIP Tickets at Universal Studios Hollywood™?

You may have heard about the exclusive backstage tours available at Universal Studios Hollywdood™. But how exactly can you do them? It’s included, with a lot more, in the VIP Experience. This is a ticket option that is well worth the money you’ll spend on it. In fact, with the other perks of being a VIP, it could end up costing the same or less than a normal day at Universal Studios Hollywood™. Read on to see all the benefits of the VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood™.

The Special Tour

VIP ticket-holders get access to the special tour you’ve heard so much about. This takes place on a private trolley, and VIP guests are allowed to get off the trolley at exclusive places that the rest of the guests don’t get to see. This tour takes guests to actual movie and television show sets. You’ll get to see sound stages and props for your favorite productions. This makes the VIP ticket necessary for movie or television buffs. For planners, note that the tour is six hours long. That means you’re getting your money’s worth!

VIP Treatment

You’ll get just what you’d expect from VIP treatment at any facility – food provided, the ability to skip lines and parking assistance. Valet parking is also included, as well as a special entrance to the park. These ticket-holders are given special refreshments in a private lounge when they arrive at the park. Continue to avoid those dreadful lines as you get the fastest access to every ride. Finally, a gourmet buffet lunch is included with the VIP ticket.

Goodie Bags and Guides

The VIP Experience includes a goodie bag for guests with moisturizing lip balm, perfect for those sunny days, a water bottle, and hand sanitizer. VIP guests are put into groups of about ten to twelve people and hosted by a guide, who gives them inside information on Universal Studios Hollywood™.

Factoring in all of the benefits, the cost of time waiting in lines, the food you’d purchase at the park and parking, the VIP Experience might actually be a money-saving move. It really depends on what you are interested in doing at Universal Studios Hollywood™. For true movie and television fans, the VIP tickets are the way to go. VIP guests do still have plenty of time to explore rides and attractions after the tour, especially since they have a front of the line privileges are included.

And remember, no VIP Experience is complete without an equal caliber hotel. Check out Universal Studios Hollywood hotel deals to make sure your room is as epic as your day at the park.


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