What to Look for When Buying Snowboard Pants: Men and Women

Finding the perfect pair of pants to wear out on your next winter adventure is no easy task. For one, snowboard pants are a big investment, so you need to feel confident in what you’re buying, and why you’ve chosen it. You deserve to get yourself the right pants for you and your next trip, they’re only going to help you whilst you tear up the slopes! To get you started on your hunt here’s exactly what to look for when you’re shopping for men and women’s snowboard pants:


First things first, the material. This is absolutely one of the most important factors. Materials matter, there’s simply no way around it, you’re buying specialty pants that are specifically crafted for snow and sport after all. On a basic level, you need to grab a pair of pants that are made of durable, waterproof material. Chances are if you’re shopping at ski and snow stores, their entire snowboard pant section is waterproof. So, in order to find good quality material, you should look for stretch fabrics such as twill or polyester, with thermal insulation. These features will keep you dry whilst you enjoy maximum flexibility and protective warmth.


Second to composition comes the fit. Of course, you could have the most technically advanced pair of snowboard pants in the world, but what good are they if they don’t fit properly? You should be trying every piece of kit you’re interested in before you go ahead and dive into your purchases. This will ensure that everything fits comfortably and properly! Look for styles with tapered leg features, making it easy to cuff them if you’re shorter in the leg. It’s best to opt for something that’s closer cut, or slim fit. This is because the material should be nice and flexible, meaning the closer the fit the more you’re getting out of the stretch fabric that you’ve invested in.


This will heavily rely on the material that your snowboard pants are made of. If you’ve invested in a great fabric, like twill, with properly fitted lining, you can feel confident that your pants will last. Remember that these are going to be thrown around quite a bit whilst you shred the snow, so ask around and search online for a couple of consumer reviews before you nab your perfect pair.


Finally, the fun part, the look! Once you’ve carefully contemplated your need for fit, durability, and material, you can pay some attention to the actual aesthetic of your snowboard pants! Men and women’s snowboard pants come in a whole range of different designs, colors, and styles that are sure to catch your attention. If you’re lost on what to go for, you should consider the vibe of the rest of your snow gear. Are you into all black? Go for a sleek, dark understated style! Maybe you like a lot of patterns but your gear is looking kind of drab? You can find some ridiculously awesome graphics on snow pants, these snakeskin ones aren’t only on-trend, they’re also to die for.

Snowboard Pant

Whatever your style, with a little digging you can be sure to hunt down the right look for you. Just remember to prioritize the material and the fit first.

Do your research! As mentioned above, look into what you’re buying. We all have so much access to others’ opinions and reviews, you should take advantage of it! Look at social media, online forums, and website reviews to get a good idea of the performability of the pants in question. You can even look at a few magazines and head into your nearest brick and mortar snow sports store for a little pro advice!


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