What Type and Cut should you Choose for your Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is surely a momentous event in a person’s life. It symbolises the love and commitment towards a loved one, and hence the purchasing should be done after a lot of careful thought and consideration. However, with so many designs and cuts to choose from, the task can be daunting and positively overwhelming.

Here is a guide to the types and cuts that you can choose from.

What is a Diamond Cut?

In absolute layman’s terms, cut quality is how expertly and professionally a rough stone is carved into a brilliant end-product that reflects light. A diamond’s specific shape is also referred to as its “cut”. You thus get a wide range of cuts like oval cut and princess cut. If all this sounds a bit confusing, do not focus on the technicalities too much as your jeweller will explain the “cuts” and quality at the time of purchase. But there is no harm in knowing the basics.

To evaluate the quality of the cut of a diamond, an expert will assess the depth, sparkle, symmetry, facets and the overall sparkle. When you talk of fire and brilliance of a diamond, some specific factors are being referred to. Fire is the flashes of light that sparkle when the stone is exposed to light. Brilliance is the light that emits from the diamond. Both these aspects depend on how well the diamond is cut.

Summing up – to maximise fire and brilliance, the proportions of the diamond must be right for that shape. When a diamond is perfectly cut, light that does not bounce off the stone externally goes into it and reflects off the facets, enters the centre and creates the sparkle. If the cut of stone is too shallow or deep, the light reflecting off the bottom or sides of the stone will be less, thereby reducing the brilliance of the diamond.

What diamond shape should you buy?

Now that you understand the intricacies of diamond cuts, you should know about the shapes of diamonds offering varying levels of fire and brilliance. A point to be considered also is the personal style of your partner.

Go through this guide of popular diamond shapes for engagement rings before deciding on the best option.

  • Round Cut – A round cut diamond has the most facets, and thus it sparkle the most amongst all shapes. The carat quality of a round cut is relatively higher because most of the rough stone is lost when cut. Round cut is so popular that almost 75% of all diamond engagement rings sold have the round cut. This cut is available in many sizes to suit any budget and looks proportional without being overbearing when worn.


  • Emerald Cut – This cut was used initially in emeralds but is popular in diamonds too now. It does not have the overall sparkle of round cut diamonds but throws sustained flashes of light. The outline of the stone is rectangular with large facets. The lines are straight, and you can see a “box of mirrors” when you look carefully into the stone. Emerald cuts were in fashion before but are now being increasingly preferred again. It is perfect for somebody with short, broad hands as a square cut has an elongating and slimming effect on the fingers.
  • Princess Cut – This cut became popular from the 1970s, and like the emerald cut, is square. It has many facets like a round cut and has exceptional sparkle. If you want an alternative to the usual round cut without compromising on the fire and brilliance, buy a princess cut diamond engagement ring. It has easily disguising inclusions which means that the stone looks gorgeous in all carat sizes. It flatters any hand shape and appeals to those who like modern and contemporary jewellery.
  • Oval Cut – Oval cut diamonds too offer exceptional fire and brilliance like the round cut. Oval cuts look good on all hand shapes even though they are less traditional like the round cut. If you want something exclusive and yet desire the sparkle and brilliance of the round cut, an oval diamond for the ring should be your first choice. The oval cut has a large number of facets and hence, is not short on brilliance. Due to its elongated shape, the diamond gives an illusion of being larger than it is.
  • Marquise Cut – It is a unique design and a tapered cut, just like two half circles joined together and is most suitable for slim and delicate hands. It is a vintage style dating back to the 18th century and courtiers wore it to denote the rank of a marquise. The large surface area maximises the carat weight for a luxurious and superior look and style.

To know more on other diamond cuts go here for the whole range of diamond engagement rings. You will surely be spoilt for choice.


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