When Should You Meet Your Online Date In Real Life?

You hit a thumbs up on a cute pic on your dating site and got thumbs up in return. You two have messaged each other ever since and even moved to texting. A month or even a couple have passed,and you feel you think you are ready to meet your crush. But are you truly ready?

Dating is made easy in today’s world. In the past, the struggle to put pen to paper and mail, wait a few months- or weeks if you are lucky- and get a reply, still meant that relationships took time. With each turn of ink on paper or papyrus reed depending on age, you learned something about your intended. However, your developing love slowly brewed due to tedious communication.

In recent times,however, the world has truly become a global village, with the ability to meet someone oceans apart, talk to them, fall in love and even get married- with some only taking two weeks for the whole process.

With these inventions, however, arises the challenge we all face with the internet: scamming. How do you know you are truly talking to someone and not a robot? What if they have hidden agendas that don’t necessarily have to do with gifting you? 

All these necessitate the questions: When is too soon? How long should you wait? Well, there isn’t a strict timetable to follow. The situation depends on the persons involved. Let’s take a look at the different instances.

  1. Immediately

Some people love to hit the floor running; I salute that. The courage it takes to meet someone you just met online is what many of us lack. It is however ideal that if you choose to take this path, to take all safety precautions as relating to this. These include;

  • Informing someone of where you are going;
  • Meeting in an open place with plenty of witnesses;
  • Not disclosing any of your personal information including where you live, where you work and such.
  • Waiting for any amount of time

Waiting is by far the most recommended, while knowledge of a person may not change intention, time may help you take note of certain things in behavior which may act as red flags.

You should decide the amount of time it will take for you to feel comfortable enough to meet anyone. The thing about communication and relationships is that only the people in it fully understand what goes on. Therefore, take your time to analyze the communication. When you feel ready to tackle the bull, then bring it on!

If you choose to take your time, however, be keen on red flags and any pointers to malicious intent.

  • Never!

When should you never meet your date online in real life?

  • If your match on the site talks in an abusive way, slanders or even communicates in a way that is suggestive of violence, run!
  • If you feel like your date knows too much about you despite not having met them? Run!
  • If your match is sexually suggestive and implies at sexual advances that you are not accepting of? Run!

In all these cases, there is no way to justify meeting this date, unless of course, you are an undercover cop. In which case I plead the fifth. In conclusion, meeting an online date in real life is a decision that should solely depend on you as a person and how safe you consider yourself in the presence of your date. Safety comes first, even in the face of love. Don’t let Titanic deceive you!


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