Why Everyone Should Be Playing Ukulele

If you believe that Ukulele (pronounced as oo-koo-lay-lay) is similar to a guitar then you are wrong. There are many differences among both the instruments and there are many benefits of playing ukulele which will be discussed in the latter section of the article.

It is an instrument which is loved and played by the musicians and non-musicians too. Mentioning its features Ukulele is dainty in size, pleasing to ears with a fascinating look. It is so simple and handy to carry around. Most of the Ukulele is made of wood and some are made of armadillos.

If you are not good at Guitar – no problem, it is very easy to learn ukulele for beginners. You can search on the internet on how to play ukulele for beginners and you will be able to learn many tunes in just a couple of hours.

Once you learn this fabulous instrument then you will be in a position to make new tunes of your choice which will please your ears as the music has been composed by you. There is a standard ukulele tuning known as ‘C’ tuning but you can freely choose any of the preset tunings. It is really fun and easy to play it and now we will come to know why everyone should be playing the ukulele. Below are mentioned some of its benefits.

1. Compact and Portable size

Ukulele is the smallest and easy to carry around. Talking about other instruments they are large in size and bringing them along with you on the next road trip is a bit risky. With its 4 strings and small size, it makes the most of the smallest string musical instruments on earth. It is much easy to hold in hands, lightweight and easy to play.

2. Most of the songs are adaptable for Ukulele

With this instrument, you can play and sing thousands of songs with ease and you will also get easy ukulele songs for beginners over the internet for free. It has an easy learning curve for beginners and a smaller range of tone. Songs with pro experience can be played easily on Ukulele.

3. A most friendly instrument for children and beginners

If your child has an interest in music and you are looking for an instrument that your child can easily play and learn or hold in their little arms then Ukulele is the best option for your child. Most of the string instruments work in the same manner and Ukulele is a beginner’s choice. Just the chords will be different but it is adaptable when you will switch to a higher version.

4. It is one of the best instrument and is low-priced and economical

The best piece of the instrument is also not very expensive. You can find even the finest instruments around the cost of $100. It is affordable and is economical for your pocket too. IF you are going to buy a Ukulele it is suggested to at least spend a $50 or above as the instruments below this range are not well tuned and could be damaged easily.

5. Ukes are for fun and the chord shapes are easy to memorize

As it has only four strings so it is very easy to play and easy for the mind to grasp its chords and tunes. The chord shapes which are played on the guitar with three fingers they can be easily played in Ukelele with just one or two fingers and produce a magnificent sound.


So we learned why it is advisable for everyone to play Ukulele for everyone as it is a type of instrument which a beginner can learn easily. If you are a pro then share with us your experience with Ukulele on the comments.


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