Launching a Successful E-commerce Website in Pakistan

With a sudden boom in the E-commerce industry of Pakistan, we have seen many new names jumping into the industry but not every start-up is successful. We can hardly recall 3 – 4  names when thinking about E-commerce websites in Pakistan.

To launch a successful E-commerce business, we have to understand the challenges faced by start-up websites and ensure that there is no room for mistakes. Therefore, to get a clear picture of how an E-commerce business is started, we interviewed Mr.AfnanUllah – who is an entrepreneur and CEO of – a leading E-commerce website in Pakistan. The website has gained popularity in no time; it provides a variety of products for all age groups. Mr.AfnanUllah has other businesses as well, but he seems to be delighted by the performance and success of BuhatAla.

Here are few of the things he highlighted that should be addressed before launching an e-commerce website:

What will you offer?

It may be the hardest question to answer, but you should be clear about what product(s) or service you will be providing online shopping Pakistan. Tapping the right market with the right product can lead to success and great ROI, you can find the answer to this question by market research and identifying opportunities.

Pricing Strategy

After calculating all the expenses, one should be able to decide a price for its product or service. It may depend on how the branding of the product is carried and what is the target market for that product but set too low prices will make it difficult to reach positive ROI. Whereas, setting high prices may limit your product to a specific social class.

Shipment Cost

Before signing a contract with a courier company, first, you must know the average size and weight of your product – the bigger and heavier it is, the higher will be the shipment cost and will affect sales. Usually, e-commerce sites include the shipping cost in the product price which leads to lower sales, one way to overcome this issue is to set minimum checkout price.


You should have know-how about the website infrastructure and how you want it to appear and operate for your customers.

These are some of the very important elements of any website which are usually neglected by newcomers:


Depending on the number of products and expected traffic, selecting the right platform for e-commerce is very important, ask your developer to brief you on different platforms and their features.

Domain and Hosting

Never compromise when it comes to a domain and hosting services. Purchase the best services possible because you don’t want your website server to be down when a customer is visiting your website.

Web Design and Brand Logo

Both are pivotal when it comes to building brand equity and customer engagement because your website design and logo will attract customers, motivate them to buy from you, build a sense of trust in the mind of customers and eventually become your loyal customers.

Marketing Strategy

You should have a groundbreaking marketing strategy for your e-commerce website; it should cover all the elements of digital marketing. The strategy should have clear goals which are to be achieved by organic or paid marketing.

These were few points mentioned by CEO of that should be considered when launching an e-commerce website.

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