15 Things You Should Never Do in Bed

Boys and girls will always be different. You may not know it, but sometimes, even confident and strong ladies are in fact very vulnerable deep inside. That’s why some things you consider quite normal are warning signs for them. Here are 15 things that you should never do in bed if you’re counting on something more than a one night stand.

15 Things You Should Never Do in Bed

1. Stay silent

Women fall in love through their ears. So don’t forget to whisper tender words in her ear. Also, remember that girls get crazy when they hear men moaning and sighing during sex. For them, it’s an indicator that you’re enjoying the process, too.

2. Force oral sex

Women hate being forced to do something they don’t like, especially when it comes to such delicate things. Don’t try to force her to caress you with her tongue. But you shouldn’t also think that women have something against blowjobs. It’s just that they prefer to choose the best moment to give you such pleasure themselves.

3. Lie down on her

As a rule, women are no match for men when it comes to weight. So even if you’re on top, leave her some space to enjoy sex.

4. Leave hickeys

Back in your student or even school years, you probably liked to leave love bites on the girls’ necks. However, an adult man won’t leave any marks on his lover’s body. Besides, your partner wouldn’t like to spot pink bruises on her neck the next morning.

5. Caress her nipples for too long

First, not all women have an erogenous zone there, and second, they don’t like their nipples to be squeezed and bitten. If you want to play with them, do it casa style: stroke them gently and tease your partner with your tongue.

6. Caress her ears for too long

Sure, some girls love when a guy bites and kisses their ears. But you need to do this gently and carefully. Caress them with the tip of your tongue, but no biting.

7. Ask if she finished already

If there’s a list of the worst thing you can say in bed, this one’s has the first place. You can’t ask questions like that. Never!

8. Dominate too much

Even if you’re used to dominating in real life, you don’t need to be a leader in bed and take the initiative all the time. The only exception is role-playing games. In other cases, she shouldn’t feel like a soldier.

9. Show no initiative at all

Monotony doesn’t inspire anyone, and a complete lack of initiative is even more frustrating. You should balance between 8th and 9th points. Show some imagination and fresh ideas. You can find unusual spots for sex or try new positions.

10. Get distracted

Your tablet, phone calls, and even football shouldn’t distract you from a girl, who’s hungry for your affection. Concentrate all your attention on her.

11. Damage her underwear

Scenes, where a hot guy tears off a girl’s panties only exist in movies. In reality, ladies are sensitive to their lingerie and don’t want you to mess with it.

12. Turn the lights on

When it comes to sex, the intimate atmosphere is crucial. It’s better to do it with the lights off. This way your partner will feel more relaxed.

13. Wear stubble

The bristle leaves damages delicate female skin, so when you touch your partner’s face with it, her skin begins to itch. There are two options: you either grow a beard which will be soft or shave.

14. Have shower right after sex

Even if you had to work a lot, and you’re all sweaty, don’t run into the shower to wash the sweat off. Women love the smell of their bodies on a man, so don’t make your partner think that you want to get rid of it.

15. Concentrate on yourself

Men, who think only of themselves during sex, piss women off. Such partners are considered bad by default.

That’s all the basic sex rules that you need to know about. Even if you don’t plan to call her after this night, don’t be selfish and give the girl pleasure.


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