Narcolepsy- A Sleep disorder

Adjustable Beds

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of the sleep-wake cycle in a person. People with narcolepsy often find difficult to stay awake for a more extended period. They tend to experience excessive sleepiness during daytime regardless of circumstances. In a healthy sleep cycle, we initially enter the early stages of sleep which …

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Mob Lynching: A new trend in India!

Justice of Nilotpal and Abhijeet

The Quint records of Mob Lynching in India since 2015 is 55. Alarming! This mostly involved killings in the name of “GAU RAKSHAK” by cow vigilantes. The people are allegedly attacked by cow vigilantes and are beaten to death without having any unbiased proof of them being guilty (most of the cases). Since India is …

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