contoura vision eye surgery

How to get freedom from glasses with contoura vision surgery?

How many of us have had to put up with wearing glasses? Unfortunately, it’s a fact that for nearsighted people, the only way to improve their vision is by putting on glasses. Contoura Vision Eye Surgery offers an alternative method that can give you freedom from glasses. This surgery has been the answer for many patients who were tired of wearing them all day long. We will discuss what contoura vision eye surgery is and how it works. Let’s get started.

contoura vision eye surgery

About Contoura vision

Contoura Vision Eye Surgery is yet another advancement in Lasik Surgery, assisting your eye doctors in customizing a LASIK surgery to fix your vision. Contoura Vision is by far the most recent FDA-approved LASIK surgery that effectively minimizes corneal abnormalities.

According to clinical research, contoura vision eye surgery has assisted 30 percent of a total of patients in achieving vision greater than 6/6. As a result, they can see more clearly without eyeglasses than they could with spectacles or lenses.

In addition, It offers a wide range of customized treatments to treat astigmatism and other corneal irregularities unsuitable for LASIK or PRK treatment. And together with its advanced technology in treating rare eyesight conditions, you can get freedom from glasses after this LASIK surgery procedure.

What separates it from other surgeries?

The main distinguishing aspect of Contoura Vision eye surgery would be that it provides a technical advantage over traditional surgeries. Although prior laser vision correction treatments effectively reshape the cornea and correct visual refractive defects, Contoura Vision eye surgery takes the procedure a step further.

Rather than handling the eyeglass medication, it employs unrivalled diagnostic ability, such as a three-step correction method that uses a Femto Laser, Excimer Laser, as well, as Topolyser to recognize and record the tiniest inadequacies in the curves of the cornea, allowing for aspheric adjustment of spectacle power even while correcting retinal irregularities and operating on the visual field. 

Following that, the measurements are merged with eyeglass specifications to provide a higher focusing surface for your eyes, resulting in a far better visual result. Not only that, but with Contoura Vision eye surgery, many of the adverse effects of traditional treatments, including light sensitivity, difficulties driving at night, trouble reading, glaring, starbursts, and halos, are reduced.

Why must you consider contoura vision eye surgery?

In line with LASIK, Contoura vision eye surgery is one of the most known surgeries for treating several types of refractive errors. This surgery helps to improve eyesight with no need to use glasses or contact lenses, which are used currently by millions across the world. Contoura vision eye surgery is a refractive procedure, and it makes use of an excimer laser for reshaping corneal tissue. 

It results in the correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia without wearing glasses or contact lenses.

The bottom line

If you’re a glasses-wearer looking for an alternative way to free your vision from the constraints of lenses, Contoura vision eye surgery may be right for you. The innovative procedure offers a custom-made alternative to contacts and glasses, allowing you to see more clearly than ever before.

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