Use Lemon to Improve your Skin
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10 ways you can use lemon to improve your skin

Apart from having lemonade and lemon chicken for the purpose of consumption, it has a lot more to do in regard to the treatment for your skin.

Use Lemon to Improve your Skin

This sunny yellow fruit has a lot of more uses that include:

1. Lemon as a cleansing moisturiser: It offers a clarifying moisturiser for your skin, and you will be able to achieve a perfect type of skin hydrating therapy by mixing it with coconut water that will surely help you to discover a brighter skin.

2. Bleacher: The lemon is used as an outstanding elbow and knee bleacher and rubbing it on a regular basis will lighten your skin.

3. Blackhead treatment: Antibacterial properties are helpful in treating acne. A slice of lemon will be enough to fade your acne.

4. Teeth whitener: Lemon juice is mixed with baking soda to provide an application to the teeth with the help of a clean Q-tip that enhances the shine of your teeth.

5. Cleansing wipes: Tea tree oil with lemon juice in distilled water would act as a perfect toner for the skin, and a cotton pad would be enough to treat your dull look.

6. Canker all sorts of sore treatment: Lemon juice is an ideal option to avail a fast healing option.

7. Brighten your skin: The content of vitamin C along with citric acid is good enough to brighten your skin, and it works as an excellent antioxidant. Moreover, the neutralising free radicals provide a good boost to the collagen retaining properties. Thus, it can easily lighten your age spots as well as the dark spots on the skin.

8. Shine eliminator: Lemon juice is good to treat the presence of excess oils on the skin. It also helps in providing protection against the harmful UV rays. Therefore if you have got a dull look, you can easily opt to apply lemon juice with yoghurt on a daily basis to obtain a perfect glow to your skin.

9. Lip exfoliator: The lemon juice is good to oppose your dead and dry skin. It also assists in removing the dead skin cells. If you have got a chapped pair of lips and you feel embarrassed to go out without putting a dark shade of lipstick, you can simply choose to opt for lemon juices. Apply it before going to the bed at night, and a monthly effort should surely bring you the required results.

10. Get cute, soft and smooth skin: The lemon juice can be mixed with one egg white, and if you apply it over your skin for about ten times and then rinse it, you will surely get a smoother skin tone!

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