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15 eBook Torrents – Best working websites for downloading in 2021

Of course, nothing can replace the essence of a printed book, yet, with the world turning towards digitization, the craze for eBooks is going higher. Also, there are several books, placing orders of purchase for which is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Torrent sites have always been a wonderful source for fetching movies, TV shows, music, software, and eBooks as well. However, not only torrent sites are functionally awesome. To make things easier for you, here I have hand-picked a few of the best eBook torrents based on user reviews and popularity. Go through!


It is one of the best eBook torrents that was started way back in the year 2008 and has been still ruling the section of torrent sites without any hitches. It allows you to download the eBook of your choice and you can convert it to any kind of file as per your own choice.

2. The Pirate Bay

In spite of being closed down several times due to issues brought by copyright infringement authorities, this torrent site consists of an awesome database of eBooks from genres like science, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, contemporary, travel and more. Get onto the site and start enjoying!

3. Kickass Torrents Mirror site

Though the original version of Kickass Torrents site does not exist anymore, the Kickass Mirror site works really awesome with a composition of 1,75,000 eBooks that are available absolutely at free of cost. Besides, it offers an easy-to-use interface which makes it even more popular among the users.

4. ExtraTorrent Mirror site

Soon after Kickass went down, ET grew up to become one of the best eBook torrents. It offers a wide range of eBooks for free and not just eBooks; it also features other media such as TV shows along with other eBook related discussions.

5. E-book Share

This is one of the best eBook torrents. For avid readers like me, it works really awesome with a list of 4,00,000 eBooks available in various genres. The easy to use UI of this site allows you to find your desired books by making searched by the author, title or subject of the eBook.


This site comprises of around 90 categories. It is not so popular for fiction contents but provides a horde of non-fiction and educational contents. You can download eBooks from it or may even choose to share your own eBooks over which the readers would share their valuable feed backs.


This is one of the best eBook torrents, but it has nothing to do with the Wikipedia as you may otherwise think by its name. It provides a huge database of eBooks from various categories, and you can also experience the thrill of reading contents in a wide range of languages, such as Dutch, French, English, Spanish and more using this site.


It is one of the most amazing eBook torrents with contents from categories – entertainment, education, tutorial, business, finance, tech, fiction, programming, medicine, health, mathematics and more. Besides, there are several sub-categories like “Top 10”, “Recently used” and more.

9. Planet e-Book

It is one of the best eBook torrents for dedicated readers. It has got about 50,000 titles in its library. If you are a classic fan, there can be no better platform for you than Planet e-Book. It offers a straight forward UI where you can download eBooks absolutely for free.


Though the database contains only 10,270 eBooks, it is amazing in terms of torrent file and the quality of content it features. You have categories and sub-categories to make your pick. So, you can choose your eBooks based on your interest.


It features textbooks, academics, classics, and audiobooks as well. You can download your eBooks for free in any format – Kindle, txt file, EPUB, PDF. Also, it offers a platform to the creative writers wherein they can publish their own books. You can even use it to earn by joining their affiliate program and fetch a commission up to 25% per sale.


This is a wonderful platform not just to read books but also to promote your own eBook as a writer. You can search the site with filter options like author, language, title, recommended, etc.


Though this site cannot be considered as an ideal option for the avid readers, you can still try it out for a bit of movie, books, shows, etc. There is no such creator of this site, and the moderators have already run out in regard to site operation and maintenance, leaving the issues in the hands of the users alone.


It has a great collection of audio books and eBooks. It is truly amazing with its user-friendly filter options that enables you to search for your favorite titles, authors or languages. You find most of the eBooks here in PDF and EPUB formats.

15. Bibliotik

It is widely known for containing a wide range of audiobooks and eBooks in different formats. You get journals, comics, magazines and a lot more at its store. To sign up, you need an invitation from an existing member of the group, which isn’t at all easy!

A note for you!

While downloading the contents and leading through them, make sure you use the VPN service to protect your identity.

If you have really liked the piece, comment below with the name of the torrent site that did work for you the best. We would love to know your experience!

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