Graphic Design Toolkit

List of Four Graphic Design Toolkit you should always have

Graphic designing is one of the major crazes to be reported among masses. People are driving themselves crazy over drooling graphics created from nothing. Images are manipulated in such a way you can hardly realize what has been done with the real photo.

Graphic Design Toolkit

Adobe Photoshop is the empowering tool that powers designers to create graphics, manipulate photos, and create graphics from scratch. This is a tool you will find to be installed in every designer’s computer. As it is a basic requirement and necessity for them to have the tool, Photoshop is what all the designers are dependent upon.

Any Alternatives?

In case you are wondering if there is no access to Adobe Photoshop what should be a reliable alternative for designers? For helping you out we have sketched a list below of top alternatives every designer must have in their toolkit.

  • OnlinePhotoshopFree
  • FreePhotoTool
  • Gimp
  • FreePhotoEditor


OnlinePhotoshopFree is a tool designed for the purpose of fulfilling designer’s entire needs. The web-based app comprises of all tools and features that you can find primarily in the Adobe Photoshop. This tool is powerful enough to edit images, and manipulate them such that the work can get easier.

OnlinePhotoshopFree offers all the necessary features to get done with the Photo editing.
What else do you want from a photo editing tool as a designer? Plus do keep in mind it is free for you, as it offers services for free.


FreePhotoTool is another web-based tool. Open source and it is also cross-platform, meaning you can gain access from anywhere anytime. The job can be done, no matter what you want to do. As FreePhotoTool is another alternative that offers each of the basic tools by Adobe’s Photoshop.

The unique thing about this tool is its simplicity, that it offers to users. The interface helps you get done with tasks easily. Above it, this web-based app is free to use, no downloads required.


Gimp is a free and an open source Image editor designed for designers. It is designed to provide tools with high-quality image editing. Whether you are editing, creating, whatever you want to do is on offer only imagination is what you need.

Create from scratch, or edit already existing images, all is possible with the GIMP. Possibly regarded as the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop, you can have this software, from the website and after the download, begin creating graphics at will.


FreePhotoEditor is another open source image editor which is web-based. Creating graphics, infographics, banners, and logos can never be as easier as the FreePhotoEditor. You are offered with potential and high-quality tools to edit and create graphics on your own. The user-friendly interface makes it a lot easier for designers.


Above-mentioned are the tools that every graphic designer must have in his toolkit, even if they have access to the Adobe Photoshop. As these tools can function from anywhere anytime. All you got to do is have an internet connection and it will work.

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