Obstacle Into Opportunities

4 Smart Ways To Push Obstacle Into Opportunities

Facing obstacles is always terrifying. But when you accept and know yourself that you have values, purpose, take responsibility for your own happiness, and build strong values, you actually have a strong power to get out of problems and make it as an opportunity for your own improvement sake.

Obstacle Into Opportunities

One of the great things about creating your own opportunities is that you open the window that makes you see bright and clear future.

I know that when you’re going through difficult times, it is always hard to train your thoughts, control your emotions, and hold on to patients. No matter what, Let’s go out and conquer the opportunities.

Here are the 4 ways to push obstacles into opportunities and you will surely like it:

1. Analysing Obstacles

When you instantly facing a hard time, I am sure that you never give time to yourself to at least think for a second saying “why it happened”, because we keep on concentrating the situation we face but never look at “how it’s been created” or “why you’re in that matter”. The power of analyzing plays a useful role when you’re going through bad circumstances. Because when you analyze your condition, it gives you the opportunity to think.

Remember, I don’t tell you to take an hour for looking at the matter but says you to at least take a minute to keep an eye on the matter positively.

2. Choose your Path

I have questioned many times “which path I should take?” I made countless of analysis to decide which path I should walk to. It’s overwhelming to decide since lots of information is hovering around my mind. One Lesson you should realize that the right path is choosing the hard path. It is because easy things are always less worthy.

Choosing or deciding which way to take should give you a strong value. Strong values always strengthen you to deal with obstacles and other challenges throughout your life.

3. Creating Opportunities

Obstacles can be either lack of knowledge, not enough courage, not enough strength, not enough time, not enough energy, not enough experience, not good enough, not enough this or that or anything that is against your will.

But, growing out of those obstacles by being open and flexible with our plans, learn new things and adapt to a changing environment will create the opportunity to pursue a good achievement.

4. Owning It

Take a strong responsibility for your own life so that no obstacles can strike you down and defeat you to fail. Grab the opportunity step one. Step two is “do not lack determination”. Be grateful for the opportunity to control your responses to whatever life throws at you. It’s like magic that allows you turn even a bad things into an experience that you can benefit you in life.

Not ENOUGH with the above? Let’s take the truth example…

NICK VUJICIC, an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker, who born without arms and legs. When he was a teenager people bully him because he is the only one that was without arms and legs. Getting bullied by people around is his biggest obstacles in life. Running depression after depression all throughout his days make him decide to end his life. But it was never a good path.

Later on, he analysed himself and asked: “Why he was born in that way”. That’s where realization came to him that people bullying wasn’t about his problem.

He develops his spiritual foundation to help himself be at peace and strong against bullying. Each day he lives, he never gives a chance to anyone else the power to make feel him bad. He learns from bullies and decides himself that his values are unshakable.

Now, Nick is an international and New York Times best-selling author, evangelist, motivational speaker and leader of the non-profit organization ‘Life without Limbs’.

What his example teaches us?

His examples teach us to take an opportunity to learn from obstacles experience so that you can become stronger, wiser, more confident, more faithful, more prepared to handle any challenges. So that you get the good path to follow with.

6 Things To Learn From This Articles

  1. You have the power to choose a positive response even when you are encountered with negative feelings and experiences.
  2. When you have Self-love and self-confident you can do it what you want to do and what you love to do.
  3. Always choose the path that led you to right future.
  4. Believe that there are ways to benefit from every negative experience.
  5. Take responsibility for your own happiness and success.
  6. Always learn to accept the situation and face it to grow out of it. So, when you deal with challenges, remind yourself to focus on what you can learn from it to make yourself improve to better human being.

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