On Doing More of What Makes You Happy


Living in this fast Age and through hectic and draining lifestyles, we all crave for moments of relaxation when we can rejuvenate our sore and tired nerves. These competitive times are demanding and we are bound and obliged to outperform in the challenges and endeavors that we face each day. That is true for both …

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Live consciously for the good of all people – Success Story of Igor Yermakov

Story of Igor Yermakov

The method of healing called “Healing impulse” allows you to combine material success with the wisdom of creative intentions. Every person, achieving success at their absolute peaks, passes through a lot of temptations – power, wealth, glory – while not everyone copes with such temptations. However, there are exceptions. Igor Yermakov is an example of …

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4 Smart Ways To Push Obstacle Into Opportunities

Obstacle Into Opportunities

Facing obstacles is always terrifying. But when you accept and know yourself that you have values, purpose, take responsibility for your own happiness, and build strong values, you actually have a strong power to get out of problems and make it as an opportunity for your own improvement sake. One of the great things about …

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