5 wedding etiquettes for divorced parents

Getting married is one of the most joyous times in a person’s life. Still, there are a lot of technicalities to sort out before the big day. Even if your parents were divorced years ago, they might find it odd to be seated together at your wedding. The issue doesn’t revolve around the seating arrangement, though. You need to be sure your parents enjoy the big day without facing anything embarrassing or uncomfortable.

While things could get awkward during the ceremony and reception, you can avoid the worst situations by implementing a few wedding etiquettes. Besides booking the best mommy makeover Las Vegas has to offer to your mother, you can make your big day more enjoyable for your divorced parents by knowing the following etiquettes.

1. Walking down the aisle

The person who will give the bride away might be a controversial matter during a wedding. Brides might be close to both their biological father and their stepfather, so they’ll have to make a decision or have them both to do the honors! If just the father is close, there’s no issue. However, if the stepfather has raised the daughter, it might be appropriate for him to give her away.

If you simply want to go for a grandfather or brother, that’s also acceptable. There are also other options, for instance, walking down the aisle by yourself, escorted by the groom. You can even choose both of your divorced parents to be with you while you walk down the aisle. Whatever you decide, let your parents know in advance.

2. The receiving line

It’s not mandatory to have a receiving line anymore, but the rule of thumb is to have the hosts stand here. If the mother and stepfather are hosting, they’ll be in the receiving line while the father will technically be a guest. Unless they’re hosting the wedding together and are on reasonably good terms, the divorced parents shouldn’t be together in the receiving line.

3. Seating

The places of honor at the bridal table are limited, so it’s probably best to let your divorced parents each have their sitting table. The safest deal is to maintain some distance. Even if they’re on relatively friendly terms, it’s wise to give them space for enjoying their child’s special day in peace.

4. Photography

Every bride wants the perfect wedding photos, especially when she’s wearing a beautiful mermaid wedding dress. Again, you want to be careful when the parents are divorced. You should talk to the photographer beforehand and let them know about their relationship status. Sort out the candid shots and family shots to make everyone feel included and welcome.

Stepparents might be in some of the photos, but not necessarily in all of them. However, if they’ve always been a part of your life, they’ll be certainly a part leading to the wedding party and the photos.

5. Dances

If you don’t prepare the bandleader or DJ beforehand, they might announce dances between the mother and father. This combination is potentially an embarrassing situation for divorced couples, so you should make sure that it doesn’t happen. Decide the dances beforehand, work out the relevant partners, and make sure everyone knows about the program.

The father-daughter dance is also an important event, so you might want to think upon it well in advance. Again, a closer relationship with the stepfather might give them the right to the first honor. It might also be a good idea to switch between father figures in the middle of a song or have two dances to honor them both.

If the parents’ dance is also part of the process, this might play with the emotions of your parents, so try to avoid the special dances altogether if possible.

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