Experiencing the most authentic Siem Reap travel

Siem Reap travel

All of us love travelling! Don’t we? The fact of denial lies somewhere amidst our busy schedules, wherein we could hardly make anytime and think about planning a trip! So, the next time, you decide to explore the continent of Asia, the charms of floating villages can gift you an awesome experience! The fish and crocodile farms, stilt houses, fields of lotus flowers would pave a way for you to discover the beauty of nature in a different dimension.

Siem Reap travel

You may choose to ask any travel agent, visitor or tuk-tuk driver, each one of them would appreciate the experience that one could get through the Siem Reap Floating village, which is no less than a real treat! It depends on which floating village you choose, which would ultimately decide the quality of your trip.

The mouth-watering Korean food and the scenic beauty across different places in South East Asia are sure to delight you in all aspects. Who would deny appreciating the thrilling boat journeys, the crocodile farms and looking at the kids who are having fun with snakes in the water?

For all those people who love exploring the Tonle Sap River, the diversified marine life is sure to be the beat segment of their attraction. The contentment that you would be getting at the comfort of the Tonle Sap River is sure to refresh your mind. The presence of flora and fauna in the floating village contributes to the admirable making of the ecosystem.

Here I would be highlighting the basic reasons that make a floating village so significant:

Cradle of marine life

The floating village is regarded as one of the most interesting habitats that have been made naturally with thousands of marine life. Undoubtedly, it comprises of a sanctuary of different species of fish. Besides, the Tonle Sap River breeze seems to welcome you with all its fascination. The inimitable height of exhilaration and harmony make it one of the most dreamed tourist destination for the visitors who are in love with nature.

A welcome to the unique paradise

The village houses, built on bedded rocks and wooden stilts seem to welcome the tourists with amazement. The tourists can commute across the village in the paddle boats through the waterways. Do not spoil your trip by sitting idle at some corner; rather try making it more meaningful by filling it up with vigour and enthusiasm.

Give a vent to your thoughts and emotions and make your life more meaningful by enjoying the unique serenade of nature. The floating village is definitely a perfect spot to let you embrace the divinity of nature.

What to do in Siem Reap travel? Check out the Video below!

Things to know before going for an eyelash extension

Eyelash Extension

Eyebrows and eyelashes play a significant role in determining the appearance of a person. Not every eyebrow and eyelash fits all, and thus, the fashion industry lays a lot of stress in making them complementary to one’s facial structure.

Eyelash Extension

It is needless to mention that the eye make-up of a person makes one’s look complete. Global eyelash competition, summits, events, fairs, seminars are being conducted by several experts across different parts of the world to put light on enhancing the facial beauty of an individual. The industry is still improving to make an effort in bringing out new prospects related to eyelash extension techniques through several educational programs and highlighting the use of professional products.

Not all stylists are the same and thus, choosing a professional is essential to ensure that you have got the things right. Ask your queries to your consultant and make things clear before you actually jump on to go for an eyelash extension.

Eyelash Extension

I am sure your stylist will explain everything to you in detail. Still, I would recommend you to get through these quick facts about eyelash extension:

It isn’t permanent

Of course, opting for an eyelash extension will enhance your beauty for the time being, but they aren’t a permanent solution for you! You need to maintain it along with. This is a semi-permanent deal and not a ‘forever’ thing.

Maintenance is a must

Eyelash extension is an absolute professional procedure and maintaining it is a necessity rather than adding that extra glue. However, you do not need to restrict yourself from any of your regular chores. Simply, ensure that you are not attacking your eyelashes directly. A little care for your eyelashes is enough!

No damage to your natural eyelashes

While you go for an eyelash extension, it is quite obvious to come up with this common question. Your natural eyelashes continue to get renewed, and the extensions do not affect them anyway!

Pick your appropriate color and shape

Make sure that you pick up a color that makes you look natural. Also, choose a proper shape of your eyelash extension that goes in contrast to your complexion.

Do not touch your eyelashes every now and then

Since the extensions are artificial, the effect of the adhesive glue may reduce with time. Thus, it may not last as long as it would have been otherwise! Do not pull or caress them all the time as that may weaken the effect.

Do not worry even if you are not blessed with a natural eyelash; this professionally addressed eyelash extension look truly wonderful on every face, and you can get it in the length and volume as your face deserves!