Top warning signs of a damaged Retina

Damage to the retina is more common than you think. In fact, retinal damage affects millions of people across the world. And as the condition progresses, it gradually diminishes your eyesight and impacts your quality of life. Thus, retinal issues are not to be taken lightly, and you need to call up your doctor if you notice any of the following warning signs. 


Dim vision 

You have dim vision when your eyesight is not as bright as it was previously. It is characterized by the absence of any contrast between colours and a gradual darkening of your vision. Damages in retina eye cells lead to this issue because the eye takes in less amount of light. Think of it as using dimmer switches for electrical lights.  

This is a major problem because the retina is the region where light-sensitive structures exist. It generates impulses through your optic nerves that reach the brain. Thus, retinal damages are not to be taken lightly. 

Distortion of vision 

Stare at the edges of a square box or a table. If the perfectly straight sides look wavy to you, distorted vision is your problem. Epiretinal membrane is that part of your eyes that sits over the retina and causes gradual damage. 

Apart from retinal issues, the bursting of capillaries at the back of the lens might also cause distorted vision. If a person has diabetic retinopathy or any disease in the capillaries, distorted vision is pretty common.  

Diabetic retinopathy develops when patients with diabetes fail to keep their blood sugar levels in check for a long time. Regardless of the reason, if you have such distorted vision, get in touch with a doctor right away. 

Double vision: 

It is a type of distorted vision, where you keep seeing two versions of one sight. The two versions appear overlapping or a bit layered. Double vision is highly uncomfortable and disorienting to see.

Floating webs or squiggly lines 


You might have seen squiggly lines several times in front of your eyes now and then but never considered it a retina eye problem. Such squiggly lines are actually harmless, and your brains can tune them out as you stop seeing them after a while. A condition known as posterior vitreous detachment causes the condition, which is usually not a worrying issue. 

However, if you keep seeing such lines and they start appearing as webs to block your vision, they signify a worsening retina problem. In fact, floating webs come with other noticeable symptoms, such as flashing lights.  

Flashing lights are when you get sudden flashes of lights in front of the eyes, which a headache might follow. 

Parting note 

It is an accepted fact that you will not have 20/20 eyesight as your age progresses. However, if you take proper care of your eyes in time, you can considerably delay the onset of eye problems. So, when are you getting your eye checkup done?

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