Long distance relationship

Tips to strengthen your bond – being in a long-distance relationship

Absence makes your heart yell a bit louder, and that is why long-distance relationships are said to be a foot up. Geographical separation do not always keep two hearts apart. Instead, it makes the string of pull between them even stronger. Such couples crave to meet one another, and the intensity of the thirst between them strengthens their bond.

Long distance relationship

However, long-distance relationships come with several challenges as well. Since they cannot witness each other in person, it leads to doubtful circumstances, yet, that’s when your real test begins! It is up to you how well you deal with your relationship, and definitely, trust, loyalty, honesty and communication are the key factors to play in the game.

People in long-distance relationships must focus on the following points to develop a strong partnership:

Stop being too focused on how many miles you are separated

The distance between long-distance couples vary, while some are across a state, others are across nations. Psychologists say that the distance between individuals in the relationship is directly proportional to the intimacy they share!

Communication is mandatory

Just because you aren’t able to meet your partner every day, there could be a communication gap between the two. Yet, with the advances in technology, you can always opt for video calls and hold on to connect with each other for hours. Audio calls and texts, too, go well!

Long distance relationship

Be confident in your relationship

Share your thoughts and life with every detail. This will help you know each other better. Be confident enough and think positive about the future of your relationship. Despite of your geographical separation, consider working as a team with similar goals in mind.

Present your past to your partner

Foster a unified belief upon each other by sharing your past life. If you are not comfortable to share it at the very beginning of your relationship, do it when you gain faith on your partner. Though a lot of people hide it and opts for a fresh beginning, there are times when you may suffer from a pang of guilt at your heart. Thus, be open and hold your partner’s hands to overcome all obstacles and invest the energy to shape your future.

Don’t dig too much into your misconceptions

Start developing faith upon each other rather than focussing on what people say. A lot of negativity may come from the peer circle, but it is up to you, “whom to believe”? Talk to your partner and clear out your doubts instead of their friends, because it is ultimately your partner whom you would be spending your life with!

Long distance relationship

It is always easy to break up, but it takes a lot of effort to build up a relationship. Just remember, no man on this Earth is perfect, so, there would always be some flaws among all of us. In case, you have found someone almost perfect for you, don’t let that person go! Trust me, neither any distance nor any circumstance can beat the God damn, Love!

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