Scott Disick

Scott Disick and his new relationship with Sofia Richie bring out some sour controversies

After on and off relationship with the Kardashian, the party-loving and sex addict Scott Disick made a bold and loud statement at the recent art exhibition in Miami, Florida. The hot couple is in town for the Art Basel exhibition with on-screen kissing for the cameras. And eating contests have made to the spotlight yet again but in a bad way.

Scott Disick

Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Riche, is 19 and is a model by profession. The 15-year age gap between the couple has brought up more questions, and the media is giving them all the attention.

With a bikini appearance of Sofia at the beach in Miami and later on the 14-people dinner grab at an Art Week Party held at Sugar Factory, America Brasserie on Friday, 9th of December, the couple just isn’t keeping any secrets about the relationship.

With various social media updates from this relationship since September, the couple has stirred quite many controversies. The father of 3, Scott is daring enough to show his love for Sofia on screen without any hesitation.

The newly together couple had Kris Jenner’s long-term boyfriend, Corey Gamble accompany them at the Sugar Factory, along with Scott’s close friend David Einhorn and a few of his friends.

A lavishing meal to boast, the hot couple did have a 14 people $99 meal all to themselves. The camera crew followed this couple an hour earlier in the week at an art exhibit cocktail, filming for the episodes of Keeping up with Kardashians or may not.

We didn’t get any clear response from the camera crew. With a King Kong sundae dessert at the dinner in The Sugar Factory, Scott didn’t let go of Sofia even for a minute. The couple was also seen kissing each other in public and were looking very much in love, head over heels you can say.

The constant physical contact throughout the dinner appeared as the two were inseparable. In the World of Kardashians, anything goes when Corey Gamble joined them at the dinner. It looks weird but hanging out with ex’s boyfriend did happen, and all were okay with the situation.

After Meeting at the Cannes Film Festival, the couple has been told to be in love, and the relationship course tends to be flowing smoothly at this time.

The party-loving Scott doesn’t intend to hide anything in the relationship, even after the recent break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Younes Bendjima, a 23-year-old boxer.

The on and off relationship for almost a decade with Kourtney with three kids did bring up many controversies after this recent appearance of Scott and Sofia at this Art exhibition.

Apparently, Scott bought a Jean-Michel, Basquiat, a phenomenal piece and it was his only intention when he travelled to this Art Basel exhibition. He intended to be bold and go all out party with his new-found soulmate, or so I believe.

Being in the spotlight, the hot couple does seem to like each other a lot and enjoying the love life to bits. It is still fresh out the oven, cake.So, you can’t speculate to say if it’s good or bad. You’ll just have to wait and see how things proceed for this couple.

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