Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections in Older Adults – Identification, Symptoms, Prevention

Do you know an old person who is suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? It is common for older adults to get affected by UTI. Aside from it, they have to face other concerns like stress, low vigor & stamina, low lean muscle mass, and bad cognitive functionality, as they grow old. UTIs in older adults can be big trouble and they require immediate treatment to ensure the condition does not get worse. Below are a few vital pointers that must be on your radar for the right resolution and quick recuperation.

Urinary Tract Infections

Identify Clear Symptoms or Signs

It is common for older adults to think they might have incurred a UTI. A mere increase in fluid intake, confusion or a stressed out disposition does not necessarily indicate an infection. As people age, it is natural to experience depressive feelers, memory impairment, thirst or irregular bowel functions. However, to spot a UTI, look for distinctive symptoms highlighted below. The disease occurs due to bladder obstruction resulting from asymptomatic bacteria in the urinary tract.

High Levels Of Urinary Bacteria

A UTI generally reflects high levels of urinary bacteria. However, that is not a complicated symptom. You can treat it by consuming more water and healthy fluids like fruit juices. Encourage elder family members to drink plenty of water to reduce the concentration of asymptomatic bacteria in the urine. You do not need to have a doctor prescribe antibiotics for this one symptom and to correct the problem because that will only make future diagnosis more complicated while also leading to antibiotic resistance. It is advised to visit a healthcare expert in case of a strong infection.

Older adults don’t need Powerful Antibiotics for UTIs

Also, keep in mind that you do not require powerful medicine to treat UTIs. At times, basic remedies to prevent UTIs naturally like drinking more fluids, keeping your urinary tract system healthy and eating nourishing foods are enough to keep the infection at bay. If necessary, your health expert may suggest you broad-spectrum antibiotics like amoxicillin. They pose no dangers and doctors recommend them for initial treatment. Additionally, you can take prevention supplements like d-mannose for UTI prevention by consulting with your doctor.

UTI Symptoms in Older adults

Youmust have a clear understanding of the common signs that signify a UTI like frequent urination, a worsening condition of urgency, sudden pain while urinating, fever over 100.5 °F and a tender lower abdomen area just above the pubic bone. Presence of two to three signs indicates a strong infection that requires powerful antibiotics and immediate care. Studies suggest that any positive urine culture that reflects the presence of any two such symptoms confirms a UTI that requires quick healthcare response.

Help Elder Family Members to Prevent UTI

If you are someone taking care of an elderly, share natural UTI prevention remedies with him or her. Encourage them to increase their fluid intake. They should take proper care in washing their bodies. Old people must have good knowledge of genital and urinary hygiene. Furthermore, they must immediately report an infection if they notice any visible signs. They must take cranberry juice; it helps clear harmful tract bacteria, thus lowering the chances of a UTI. The patients must use top quality probiotics and add yogurt to their meals for supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut and quick recovery.

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