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10 questions to ask a girl to make her wet

Words are extremely powerful to make anyone do stuff for you. Seducing a girl isn’t easy at times, but you may choose to do it through several words that would make her fall for you. Here are ten simple questions that you may ask a girl when she is sitting with you, and she may be ready to do all sorts of dirty and sexy things for you!

Seducing a girl

1. Are you familiar with me cuddling you when both of us are in bed together? This is apparently a flirty conversation to warm her on and she would probably like to fall for you slowly and steadily. You may also opt to take her to the pool and cherish a few moments after her as she permits you.

2. Ask her what she is wearing? This is certainly a curious question, yet it is perfect to be asked to any girl which is personal yet a bit sexual as well. You can also exclaim how cute she must be looking in the attire after she describes herself. If the girl is your girlfriend, you can continue questioning about her lingerie!

Make Girl Wet

3. What is the outfit she looks sexiest in? This question will definitely make your lady be prompt towards you and both of you can continue conversing on the flattering and sexual topic!

4. Most girls have a fantasy about sexual groping. You may question her regarding any such incident and if she likes, you may mark your wish to be that guy. This may make her turn towards you.

Sex Excitement

5. Do you want a guy to come to your place tonight? If she agrees, you can continue your seduction game and then ride at her place in full speed to make her feel for you if you really have all sorts of similar feeling for her.

6. Did you ever make out with any guy ever, for being horny at that particular instant? If she is a girl to be coaxed with, you can blow her at the heat of the moment.

7. Is she in love with boxers or the briefs? This is undoubtedly a clichéd question, and if a girl doesn’t care about it much, he or she will probably share her agreement on the behalf of the boxers. You may continue the chat by asking her what she is wearing which will make her estimate the kind of topic to a certain extent without letting her realise the obvious thought at it.

Seducing a girl

8. Ask her about her secret move to turn a guy towards herself? This is somewhat a question that will make her fantasise about sex. Consequently, your girl may prefer to go on with details regarding it if she is truly good at proving you about her efficiency in sexual turn on.

9. Which is that part of your body that will make you turn horny at a single touch? If she answers you truthfully, she might be already aroused.

10. Does a full body massage make you wet? This is a probable question that may turn her on.

You keep saying her that you know well to linger at the right places if she is ready to showcase her interest in the chat.

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