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9 Tips To Impress Your Man – Grab Him, Girls!

Flowers and seductive looks aren’t just enough to impress your man and gain his attention. Making little love gestures is also crucial to show what he means to you!

Impress your manRemember, “beauty with brains” is what men appreciate these days. Besides, in order to make your man fall for you, a lady must own a good sense of humor, a charming personality, sincerity, and intelligence. All these qualities of you are to be noted by your man! Although you own these traits, there are times when he may start feeling down. Keeping the psychology and mood of every human being in mind, I have put forward some tips that are sure to drive him crazy:

Dress up well

Dress up yourself just as the way he wants to see you! Pick his favorite color and wear the outfit that you are best suited in according to him.

Quote him with “Thanks”

No matter how long both of you have been holding onto the relationship, you must learn to acknowledge his acts of generosity. This is sure to make him feel good since you have been complimenting him. You may even kiss him on his cheeks to resemble your gratitude towards him.

impress your manYour body language matters

Act a little flirty before him. Make eye contact, touch your hair or lean upon him to show that you are interested in him. Let him kiss you and hold him tightly when he does so!

Smile as if you mean it

Bade him with a cute smile or a warm hug. Make him feel that you want him forever and is hoping to see him soon. This would also remind him of you while he is out.

Share every tiny secret

Emotional attachment is the fundamental string that makes a bond solid. Of course, it’s not possible to feel connected irrespective of the time span you have been spending with him. If he is meant to be with you for life, you will surely find the connectivity somewhere.

Cook his favorite dish

Prepare his favorite main course, snack or dessert at least once in a day. You can even choose to pack his lunch box with a sweet note for him.

His Man-Time

Just like girls are crazy about going for shopping and hanging out with their BFFs, guys, too, want the same. Give him some space, instead of being too much bossy upon him.

A steamy bath

When you feel he is super stressed, just drag him into the bath-tub filled with hot water. Give a massage to his weary muscles and allow him to chill!

Be his rock when he needs you

Make sure that you are there for him in his toughest times. Allow him to vent his feelings in front of you. Consequently, try helping him out with your advice or offer things that would make him feel better. This is also going to raise the intimacy between you!

So, Girls! Get up and try them out on your man and see which of them works well for your relationship, cause there’s no reason to be disappointed, no matter how hard the clock has been striking. With a little passion and romance, you can always turn him on for you!

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