First date
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Do’s and Don’ts for your first date – catch your partner

“Getting a partner with the same mental disorder isn’t easy!” – Certainly, this is true!

Anyway, jokes apart, I would like to twist it to the fact wherein you must learn to hold on a person with whom you have got to share a strong emotional connection.

First date

When you are opting for a date for the first time, just remember that it may not be possible for you to go up to someone who is shaped just as you have been wanting your partner to be! Once you could meet up with your level of satisfaction, I guess, you can think about taking forward your relationship.


Be yourself

It is quite obvious for you to walk in with a lot of anxieties; however, you need to present yourself just as the way you are. The person on the other end must be acquainted with the real nature and personality of you.

Speak up

I know you may feel a little shy, but keep in mind that you would be judged by the way you are behaving. Your confused state of mind must not reflect on your appearance. You may act a bit decisive while placing your orders if you are in a restaurant.

Own a positive attitude

Be cool and positive. This is because it is ultimately your body language that would be yelling aloud about you as a person. Your positivity will decide how the date would go!

Act interested while the conversation is on

Talk openly and do not hesitate to ask questions to one another. However, keep in mind that you must not get too personal on your very first date; else it may turn things awkwardly. Make eye contact in between the conversation.


Avoid getting too personal

Your first meet will decide your first impression. Several mistakes include asking him about his credit score or how many kids would she want!

Don’t extend the talk about either of your ex

No fruitful result could come out of this. It would either turn you heartless or yield a bitter outcome of your entire episode. Rather focus on your partner and see if he or she is compatible enough to spend your whole life with! Move forward since there’s no point turning back!

Don’t promise to meet him or her at some second location

In case you don’t like the person, you can politely ask him or her to excuse you. Both of you must speak up and express your feelings about each other.

Do not go for a date making yourself look as a victim

You may have a past, but that’s what you aren’t supposed to lay stress over here. Skip talking about your miseries, problems and bad days. You, as a person, is more important for your partner to know about you!

All these tips would certainly help you to make a solid first impression over the person who has been sitting on the other side of the table.

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  1. Very useful article. Well written, though I was unfortunate enough to have spoilt my first date without taking any of the above mentioned into consideration. Had I read it before I would have been a very happy man.

    1. Thanks for your words of appreciation, Taring!
      Never mind even if you haven’t countered a positive outcome of your first date, ensure counting these tips from now on…
      And I’m sure, the right match for you shall see you soon..!

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