5 Tips To Turn On Your Man – Drive Him Crazy

Making his mood to “Make Love” is neither too easy nor too tough. A careful notice to his likes and dislikes is probably enough to ignite the spark within him. However, do not put on the whole responsibility over him, instead, you may choose to take the lead yourself with a surprise kiss, impromptu text or an unexpected date plan to turn on your man or make him feel happy and excited.

turn on your manOf course, you can settle for kisses, hugs and booty swats to push up the level of Oxytocin or cuddle hormone in both of your bloodstreams. You may even raise his mood by trying out some moves of seduction from Fifty Shades of Grey. Above all, be confident upon yourself as there’s nothing sexier than that! Take a bubble bath and get into a sexy lingerie, you are sure to attract all his attention tonight!

Here are some tips that would surely help you take him to his boiling point:

Caress his manhood

Excite him deliberately with some oral action. Look into his eyes and let him feel the thrill that you are enjoying through the expression on your face. Give him sensual touches of love at unexpected body parts to drive him to bed!

Push him to mental foreplay

Make sure you drag him to that level of imagination where he keeps on thinking and continue missing you, before both of you actually come up together! Text something naughty or tease him gently and he is sure to crave for that moment when he would be meeting you!

turn-on-your-manLet his fantasy win

Try learning about his dream hit and do it while you are on the bed. Turning his dream into a reality would surely boost his charge and he is sure to get horny with you.

Talk dirty

Drive the wild side of his imagination with your seducing tricks. Let him go on his nuts for he would be waiting for you all day!

Grasp him with your arms

Even if you had a fight with him or he seems tired after his busy schedule, bend on to give him a warm hug. Until and unless his hormonal balance is inappropriate, you would be able to turn on the fire within him.

Try out these simple gestures and certainly, he won’t be able to hold himself back without making love with you!

Just a last note:

Make yourself feel confident, sexy and desirable. Put a little effort into thinking about what your man would want! Next, put those thoughts into action and you will definitely be able to please him!


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